Lifestyle With Jay Feature: DIY Hair Care Regimen

Hi Ladies, Today we’ll be discussing hair regimens. I’ll take you through the steps involved and suggest products to use. Any ideal hair regimen should consist of some or all of these processes:

1. Prepoo (Pre-shampooing)
This is where we prep the hair before shampooing. This is usually done with a Hot Oil Treatment i.e. heating essential oils like Olive oil/Coconut Oil/Castor Oil in the microwave for a couple of minutes and then applying to the scalp for about 30mins. Or you can opt for Heated honey + Olive Oil/Plain heated honey/Plain Olive oil. Cover with a shower/steam cap and rinse out when convenient.

2. Shampooing.
Instead of using our commercial shampoo, we’ll
settle for Black soap OR a mix of Baking soda +
Water. Apart from the fact that we’re trying to stay
natural, commercial shampoos are known to
contain sulphates which tend to dry out the hair
when shampooing. This just defeats the whole purpose as we’re trying to retain as much moisture as possible.

3. Co-washing
Because of the sulphates in shampoos, you can
decide to co-wash instead. That is using conditioner to wash the hair instead of shampoos.

4. Rinsing
After shampooing/co-washing, you can rinse out
with the following:
1. Cold water
2. Black Tea/Green tea to reduce shedding and give shine.
3. ACV rinse acts as clarifying rinse to balance PH
and remove product build up.
Any of these rinses can be combined to suit your

5. Conditioning
This should be done after shampooing/rinsing.
We’re settling for our homemade ACV conditioner
(3parts water + 1 part ACV inside an old shampoo
bottle) Shake shake! Voila! Your conditioner is

6. Deep Conditioning.
After shampooing/conditioning/rinsing, we’ll need to replace the lost nutrients and moisture during cleansing and to achieve healthier and stronger hair. You could try out these recipes or buy your ready-made deep conditioners if you don’t have the time:
1. Egg (Protein) +Honey + Essential Oils (Olive oil/
Coconut oil/castor oil/Glycerine) +Conditioner
2. Plain mayonnaise
3. Avocado + EOs (Essential Oils) + Conditioner
4. Heated Palm Oil + EOs + Honey
5. Heated honey + EOs
6. Just conditioner + EOs.
Mix and apply and then leave in for about 30mins
or for as long as you can (it can be left in
overnight). Cover up with shower/steam cap for
better results. In the absence of a steam cap, dip a
towel in hot water (not boiling hot) squeeze and
cover hair with towel and then with shower cap. Rinse out when you wish

7. Air Drying.
Make sure you air-dry. Try as much as possible to avoid heat. Constantly exposing your hair to heat from blow dryers and the like can be damaging to your hair so air dry as much as you can.

8. Moisturizing
You should moisturize with a leave-in conditioner or any moisturizer that has aqua (water) as its main ingredient. For our homemade natural leave in/moisturizer, we’ll settle for a mix of Water+Glycerine + Olive oil (Moisturizing/easily
absorbed). Mix in a spray bottle and apply. Voila! You have a very efficient Leave-in conditioner.
Apply on the scalp thoroughly.

9. Sealing
Finally after moisturizing we’ll need to lock in the
moisture with any natural oil e.g. Olive oil. By
sealing, your hair will stay moisturized longer.

10. Protective Styling.
Now that you have healthy moisturized hair, you can put your hair in weaves, braids or any other style you desire. Sounds amazing doesn’t it?
Stay tuned because next time I’ll be helping you create your very own personal, simple& convenient regimen.
Until then.

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