Life Lately.

Life Lately.

Hey guys!

I’ve had one heck of a week. I think it should count as the worst week in my entire work history. [not that it’s been long anyways]. That kind of week you wish you could just walk out, walk away from everything even your paycheck. Yup! that kind. Considering it’s almost the end of the month, I’ve had to just stick around,endure and listen to good music. I’m really really trying to hold back my sauciness and not leave a bad impression.

In other news, Photography classes start soon! Whoop!!! I’m so so excited. I love the fact that I’m gonna be able to cover events,shoots and all. There’s nothing as fulfilling as being able to do something you’ve grown to love and be paid for it. Awesome! And yeah I’m gonna create another blog for my works.

School’s just there. This year’s has been a sorta gap year for me. I needed to make certain decisions that would affect my future. I’m really hoping the results are pleasant enough to make up for the hiatus.

I’m returning to Alliance Francaise to finish my French course and probably bag another diploma [my mum’s so gonna make sure of that ]. I’m pretty excited about this too. Amean there’s conversation class [ the only time I get to practice my French] and free Wi-Fi. Can life get any better?! *sigh.

Makeup classes should start soon too. Hopefully before the end of the year.

And then writing continues. I’ve been writing for incase you didn’t know. So all ye DIY-natural-junkie-wanabees, you might wanna join me there.

Lest I forget, I was featured on African Naturalistas’blog. Whoop! You can read my interview here
and won a giveaway here too Finally! LOL. Yeah it’s been a pretty good month.

As usual no dramas of any sort,i live a peaceful life. [that’s what you get with no boyfriend and a tiny circle of friends].


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