Life Lately.

Life Lately.

1. The quarterly #NITCLagos took place this past weekend and I got to man the registration point for the second time. It was such an honour to part of it and everything it represents. I also got to buy a few things even though I was a tad disappointed a lot of the regular vendors didn’t make it.

Since I’m currently camera- less, I believe my photos are scattered on various blogs and Instagrams. I plan to obtain most, if not all of them. In the meantime, Berry’s husband aka Cakes took this impromptu photo of me.


Those pants are everything! It’s so difficult to draw cat eyes when my eyes are literally Asian.

2. I really need to stop stuttering. I can’t believe the jumbo of words that comes out of my mouth sometimes.

3. Exams start in a week and I’m super stressed. I haven’t even started intense studying which is what I need to nail those grades. When I’m done, I need to start writing my project but first, I need to figure out how to juggle all my jobs with all of that.

4. I haven’t been able to read any book since I hit the 50 mark and it bothers me to a large extent. All of a sudden, I got so busy for books which hardly ever happens. Some guy recommended audio books on Medium and I started with Sense and Sensibility. Although, I love the idea of audio books, I can’t seem to concentrate for a long time before my mind wanders. Hence, I have to read each chapter repeatedly. Best believe, I’m still on chapter two.

5. Speaking of Medium, it’s safe to say that I’m slightly obsessed with it. I love that I can consume original content and churn out thoughtful responses. As much as it’s similar to blogging, it is not the place for outfit or makeup posts and that’s the best part of it, to be honest. It’s basically a space for creatives in general.

6. Osahon got married over the weekend and I’m super happy for him. I met him on two occasions now at the Nikon event and he comes across as a laid back and likeable gentleman. A whole hearty congrats to him.

7. My hair will be two years in December and I love the pace at which it’s growing even though the front of my hair seems to be stagnant. In the meantime, I love that I could fix a quick bun.


Apparently, I’m a 4a chick. I can’t believe I’ve been claiming 4c all this time.


8. TEDx Gbagada was awesome. I particularly loved the ambience of the venue. I loved the intimacy and depth of the entire event apart from the mandatory photos at the entrance. Best thing? It took place at the back of my house so it was super convenient. For someone with zero networking skills, I got to chat with an old Twitter follower as well as a new one. Ikesimit was one of my first set of followers when I joined about five years ago. So, yeah it was a big deal plus he’s also a silent blog reader. (Hi Ike!) I might or might not have developed a thing for tech guys. I thought Mark Essien was incredibly brilliant – they always are – and adorable. He looked like he was painfully shy and needed a bear hug even though, I’m yet to place his accent. To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Timi Dakolo but that day, he blew me away. I could literally feel the hair on my body stand. He wasn’t expected to sing so when he started, I thought it was an intro or something. I didn’t get to fully enjoy the performance until the end. Powerful vocals nonetheless. Bayo Omoboriowo was awesome as usual. I had met him previously last year so I wasn’t as starstruck as everyone else.

9. Mission Impossible: The Rogue Nation was an enjoyable movie even though I didn’t follow the entire franchise. I saw bits and pieces here and there. I also saw Home with Dunni this past weekend. I loved loved Rihanna. The character, voice – over, everything. I could literally feel her through the animation. And that curly hair? #Hairgoals. Transporter Refuled was lovely too. I didn’t expect too much as Jason Stratham isn’t part of the franchise anymore. I loved Frank’s wit and accent. Yeah, I clearly have a thing for accents. I plan to see The Intern this week and maybe The Perfect Guy the following week.

10. I recently started reading my devotionals on Youversion again. I’m always falling out of this habit and I hope I can sustain it this time by God’s grace. I really love that my eyes are opened to a lot of things especially as it concerns the current happenings and the truth is glaring. I need that kind of reassurance and direction in my life now.

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