Life Lately

Life Lately.

The past few weeks have been rather slow in terms of the number of books I’m reading. I’ve moved from 12 books a month to about 4. I’m currently reading a collection of plays by Tennessee Williams.

I just finished the entire Fast and Furious franchise and it was awesome. I think I missed the earlier movies so it was really great to get back to them and reminisce as they are correlated. I have been too sick to go to the movies plus the weather’s been terrible.

TV Shows.
In the absence of movies, I’ve been watching a lot of Wendy. I can’t believe I actually enjoy and look forward to that show. You know when you’re an invalid, you find yourself watching a lot of ratchet tv. From the Kardashians to Real Husbands Of Hollywood to reruns of Sister Sister. You know the drill.

On The Blog.
I haven’t been writing a lot mostly because my new job is a tad demanding so all of my energy goes towards it. Notwithstanding, my pocket is overflowing with awesome articles that I can’t wait to share. In the meantime, these are some of the things I’ve been posting. I’m trying to write more book reviews.

Monday Links
May Favorites
Review: Engaged To A Job I Hate | Bankole Williams

Links I Love

1. Andrea’s post on feeling bent, feeling broken is speaking to me in various degrees.
2. John Steinbeck on falling in love: a 1958 letter is currently giving me life.
3. This really insightful and educational post on hidden sources of BPA
4. Although, I don’t think I’m qualified to be called a church hopper given the number of parishes I’ve been to in recent times, this post on the problem with Church-Hopping is somewhat relatable.
5. As a bona fide recluse, this post on why you should really start doing more things alone is everything and then some.


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