Life Lately

Life Lately.

This is the longest time I’ve ever been away from this blog and I think it’s time to stop stalling.

I forgot how to write.

Okay maybe not. Lamest excuse ever.

Thing is, there was so much going on with my health and exams. I just could bring myself to write anything and it’s weird because most times, when I find myself in a rubble the first thing I do is write hence my seemingly random posts.

Okay. I’m glad that is out of the way.

It’s Sunday morning and I’m supposed to be in church but for some reasons I’m too exhausted plus I’m not exactly in the right frame of mind.

The past few weeks have been quite (un)eventful.

I got involved with a group of church folks I got baptized with. During that period, I realised how much I missed working with a team. I decided that I wasn’t gonna be intimidated just because I was the smallest in the group and so I made sure I was vocal enough to be noticed and ”promoted” so to speak. I wasn’t just a member anymore. I was assigned responsibilities and honestly I missed that. Despite the flaws and last minute disappointments, it went well and I’m glad it’s over.


I saw this question on Quora and it stuck especially since lately I’ve been trying to figure out a few things. Excessive attention puts me off. I absolutely dislike being the spotlight of anything especially on social media. Inasmuch as I’d love my blog to be successful and all, I don’t think I’m ready to trade that for the intimacy I have with it right now. (Does that make any sense at all?) I’d rather just open another one if I need to go commercial. That’s why I prefer writing for other blogs. Not that I don’t appreciate regular feedbacks every now and then, I just don’t dwell on them. I’ll probably just get a mentor.

Sigh. I’m glad that is cleared.

Due to my previous health scare, I’ve gone on a self imposed coke fast. I just knew something had to push me to it. Did I mention that I hate drinking water? Right now, I really don’t have a choice if I want to live long. So no more coke until further notice. My mother literally had to force me to take the last bottle I had. I have to carry a bottle of water everywhere I go now plus the weather is ridiculously hot.


Have I ever mentioned the awesomeness that is VSCOcam? Not every time, overexposed picture perfect,sometimes underexposed subtlety.

A while ago, AN was invited for an event and Atilola asked that we joined her which I glad obliged. I was good even though, we were grossly misled. Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but as long as there was small chops, all was well with the world.

Meanwhile, my camera needs to come like yesterday.

The very lovely decor and red-carpet.
AN stand.
I wonder what Berry was saying here.
Small chops!....of life.
You'd think they just met each other for the first time.
Berry just had to push us to the red carpet. A case, that one. How do you guys do it? Red-carpet posing is soo hard!

In other news, AN has rebranded!! Like the new look?


Did I mention that I’m getting better at box braiding my hair? No? Third day and no headaches of any form. Yes I have phobia for hairstylists. It’s been what? 13 months since I have been to a salon.


Plus, I’m trying to learn proper makeup so I’m still in the trial and error phrase. It’s exhausting!!!

Other than my latest obsession for clouds




Skater skirts


I think I’m doing just fine.


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