Life Lately.

Life Lately.

Hellooo people!

Guess who got a new Blogger job? Yeah that’s right! Whooosh! You can tell I’m super stoked! A mean it’s not even my birthday yet and I’m getting new jobs. Oh and yeah, I went for an interview yesterday and it was great you know. I loved every bit of it and I didn’t even want it to end. That’s how much I enjoyed it. Anyways, I feel very positive about the outcome because I know it’s gonna turn out well.

Back to the matter! Your home-girl now writes/blogs for… wait for it….. Sizzelle Online Store!

Whoop! You can peep my formal introductory post here. I’ve been following them all this while and it didn’t even occur to me to inquire especially since they’re in my niche. Anyways it’s all well and good and I’ve started work already. Today’s officially my first day. My first post should be up hopefully by Friday.

Whoosh! Yes I’m excited. I get to write generally on lifestyle from hair to skin care, beauty, fitness and whatnot. I’m more particular about Organic living so I’m gonna be writing a lot on that too.

Okay! Back to my reading and reviewing spree. Lol.



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