Life Lately.

Life Lately.

For some reasons, I have quite a handful of incomplete drafts (I have no idea why I’m stuck halfway) plus I feel bad enough for not being able to write/post anything all week and so I had to think up the easiest things. Here goes.

I’ve been reading up a lot on travel writing and photography majorly blogs and websites and so far I have a few favorites: Geotraveler’s niche and Land lopers and maybe a bit of HuffoPostTravel even though I think some of their articles are a tad ridiculous. The idea of a possibility of a career seems quite plausible now.

A few weeks ago, The Fairy Godsister decided to give away consolation prizes and I picked the Message Bible. The other books up for grabs didn’t particularly catch my fancy. I went to pick it up after almost two weeks and I loved what I saw. Very pretty. I hope I get around to actually using it. My French Bible’s just occupying space in my handbag 😐



In other news, my hair is growing!!!! (Forgive me. Hair definitely grows). It should be ”I’ve been able to retain length!!!! And I can’t stop taking pictures. Really the growth is impressive, it’s almost unbelievable thanks to my very simple regimen and products that I follow/use religiously! I found what works for me and I stuck to it. Have I ever mentioned AN products are the absolute best? No? My hair’s literally in love with them. No but really I can’t wait for December. Whoop!

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Meanwhile, my birthday‘s around the corner. Dunni and I are planning to color our ends brown before then to sort of commemorate the day. I hope we get to it before then. Other than that, I’m thinking of a photo shoot. Not necessarily a birthday shoot but something. It’s been aeons. Hopefully my lackadaisical attitude doesn’t override me. I should reach out and do something about it..

Due to the constant twitter and internet in general hype of Half (Of) A Yellow Sun, this past month, I found myself unable to resist the temptation to read it. And so I picked it up and read a few pages but I had to restrain myself or I would have to resit all my exams. Inasmuch as I needed that distraction at that moment, it was too risky. So I’ve quietly put it away until I’m done with my exams. I’ll probably see the movie after reading. By then the hype would hopefully have subsided.

On a more happy note, a few weeks ago, I got to attend the Pre-Niphec Seminar and it was all shades of amazing! The main event started on Monday and for some reasons I couldn’t attend. My exams didn’t help matters either and so luckily for me there was a public holiday yesterday and it was F.U.N. I’ll have to dedicate a whole post to it.

Happy New Month btw.



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2 thoughts on “Life Lately.

  1. Hey sis!
    Firstly, let me just say I enjoy reading your writing.
    Secondly, you better start digging into that Bible, I love the message. Totally different from the traditional translations we are used to but it really brings the message to life and to our level.
    Thirdly, bravo on finding what works for your hair! That’s what counts.
    Concerning Half of A Yellow Sun, I’ve bought it now for almost a year and still do not dare to dig in because of all the other things needing my attention.
    But, I do hear it is worth the hype.

    I rejoice with you on your birthday and wish you a happy birthday (in advance?).

    God bless you


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