Life Lately!

Life Lately!

Hey guys!

So I’ve decided to take a shot at freelance writing. Yeah it feels so abrupt but I knew someday, one way or the other, I was gonna finally go for it. The opportunity has sort of presented itself. I have no idea why I’m still holding back. My biggest fear is that I might not be able to deliver especially since I don’t do a lot of social commentary. I have a very vague idea of pop culture or religion. I love reading but I don’t read that much. I don’t get myself involved in anything, issues, topics that would twist my mindset of things. I’m not interested in how many albums Beyonce or Rihanna have neither am I bothered about how many charts they’ve topped. I really really don’t care about atheists or catholics. I couldn’t be bothered about how they choose to or not to serve God. Politics is a no go area. With these challenges, I’m not too sure I can succeed in it but what do I know?
Well, I’m gonna keep reading on it, you know. Haven’t really done any proper research and I’ll see what I can come up with. I’m also kind of wary about these sites that promise to ”help” in exchange for a certain amount of money. I’m not about to let myself fall a victim of internet scam. Eventually, I’m gonna need to do a lot of things by myself.

Side Note: Church was awesome today. I returned to my old church where I grew up in and it was fun. Service was different,I haven’t enjoyed it in a while. I danced till I had cramps. Saw some old faces. Everyone’s grown! I was careful enough to sit aside. I was about to bring any attention to myself. But it was all good. In the midst of all the greeting and hugging, it was good.

What have you guys been up to?


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3 thoughts on “Life Lately!

  1. finally, you’ve unlocked ur comment
    and you changed ur theme also…cool
    as for entertainment gists et al, just count me out abeg…good writing gets to me, and that’s why I’m writing. 🙂 But for some ppl, they love those kind of gists eh..
    so whatever makes you happy, whatever is ur passion, just go for it, and ppl will come find u fr ur own.
    I can’t say it was a bed of roses for me either bcos if ure an avid reader of my blog, u’ll notice I started wt foreign high skl stories(sometimes, i wouldn’t even hv one single comment) but I kept posting and after a while, inspiratn fr naija stories came and God saw me through by providing talent. 😀 and since it’s what i loved doing, I didn’t give up.

    It is well wt u

  2. I admire your courage.

    What do you do? I mean, when you say ‘freelance’ – in what space are you speaking?

    I’m not saying anything – but maybe…

    Let me know. Happy New One.

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