Letter to My Future Daughter

Letter to My Future Daughter

Hiya People!

I have always wanted to have children (Not now tho; LOOL. Somewhere in the near future). 2 boys and 2 girls. (No cheating :|). Really i dunno where the inspiration came from. I just thought of it yesterday. Oh! now i remember. My mum and i have a rusty relationship (Old news i know). From time to time, after one of those heated arguments, I sit back and think of my own children. One thing i know for sure is history isn’t gonna repeat itself. I’m gonna be part of my children’s lives. I’m gonna be involved and above all i’m gonna be their best friend. Really! I mean it.

Anyways i’ve decided to write a letter to my unborn daughter you know so as to remind myself of those things i’ll love to do with her.

Dear Taylor,

First of all i CAN’T wait to meet you. I know it’s gonna be one of the happiest days of my life (if Jesus tarries).
I’m looking forward to buying you a crib and setting up your nursery.
I can’t wait for your baby shower and go shopping for you.
I’m looking forward to your christening and church dedication. I’m gonna bring you up in the way of the Lord.
I can’t wait to throw your 1st birthday bash.
I can’t wait to buy school supplies and for you to start school.
I can’t wait to take you on vacation.
I can’t wait to attend Open day and PTA meetings because i know you’re gonna take after your mom(and maybe your father) and do excellently well in school.
I also can’t wait to attend your Prizegiving-day where you’ll be awarded for your hard work.
I’m looking forward to throwing you another big landmark party on your 10th birthday
I can’t wait for you to graduate elementary school.
Junior High will be a breeze. You’ll be just fine.
I can’t wait to buy your first makeup set.
I can’t wait for your sweet sixteen.
I can’t wait to go prom shopping with you
And i cannot wait to see your date.
I can’t wait to have late-night convos with you.
I can’t wait to teach you the things of God.
I’m really looking forward to talking about boys with you.
I can’t wait to teach you about sex and abstainence.
I can’t wait for you to be a Senior
I can’t wait for you to graduate.
I’m looking forward to your grad party
Because i can’t wait to help you fill out your college forms and write your essays.
I promise not to impose any career on you.
You’re free to pick anyone you’re capable of.
I also can’t wait for you to come out in flying colours after your professional exams.
I can’t wait for you to be legal.
I can’t wait for you to get your Bsc and Msc.
I’m looking forward to the day you’ll bring that special guy home because i trust you won’t dissapoint.

Buh you know what honey,it’s gonna take a while before i bring you into this world. I’m yet to meet your father and i wanna lay a good foundation for you. So mummy’s gonna continue working hard so that you can be born with a Diamond spoon. Alright?! So keep on chilling with Jesus until we’re ready so that you can have the best 😀

With Lots of Love,
Your mum.

*You can say your awwwns now* 😀 🙂

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