Let’s Take A Look Back

Let’s Take A Look Back


So i just downloaded my Twitter archive and I’m just SMH for myself; in a good way that is.I actually like what i’m seeing. There’s been a drastic growth and improvement in the last 2 years. Sadly, some things that used to matter to me don’t anymore.

Right here I’m looking at a girl that used to rant about her mum all day and long for the company of the ex-bestie/boyfriend. I see a reader(not that I’m not anymore),a socially relevant person who always wants to be in the company of her friends, and very importantly a retweeter. LOOL. Someone once a gave me an award on my timeline as the best retweeter of all times. I could retweet for Africa ehen! especially those silly relationship quotes. *bows head in shame* LOL. I guess it’s because i could relate to some of them at some point. SMH.

I can also see someone that was really into Nigerian music and always tweeted her support to her favorite artistes. Nah i don’t do that again. Priorities changed! Besides i revamped my playlist and ”secular’ songs didn’t meet the criteria. A lot of changed handles, tons of unfollows(i don’t follow more than half of the handles i see here),re tweets again,terrible use of 140 characters,silly abbreviations and whatnot.

I see a girl that was always in touch with her mates and not give flimsy excuses. (Again,priorities changed!)

Wow! Haha! Too funny!.

Apparently i had a sense of humor. who would had known?

I was a talker! Chai!

Businesswoman ke? LMAO

Yeah! Korean movie addict!

Wow! I think i’m done.


Anyways i think I’ve had a swell time on Twitter. I can’t imagine letting all that out on Facebook. I’ve made friends that i think i would love to have around for a long time,I’ve grown; still growing. My long-suffering has been put to test countless times. I’ve been able to tolerate people,ignore and/or unfollow when necessary,reject the norm of profanity,enjoy intellectual convos from the sidelines,follow inspiring tweeps,have endless chats with King and maintain a sane timeline. :).

In all,i think it’s been an amazing journey and i wouldn’t trade that for anything.


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