Latest Fascination: Ayurveda, Aromatheraphy And Herbal Medicine

Latest Fascination: Ayurveda, Aromatheraphy And Herbal Medicine

Alternatively: My Near-Obsession With Clays, Herbs and Essential Oils

The other day, I told my friend that I had just gotten some herbs for infusions and the first word that came out of her mouth was, “Smh, Herbalist”. To be honest, it didn’t sink in until a few minutes later. And I thought, Oh! yeah. I guess you can say that given my new near-obsession with herbs.

This is how it works.  Due to the nature of my job, I’m exposed to a lot of new knowledge on a daily basis. This means that once something piques my interest, I go all out. At the end, I have new experiments to try out as well as fresh content to go round. It’s a win-win situation.

The first one was Aromatherapy. I thought it was brilliant as well as fascinating to have alternatives like essential oils to solve our domestic issues instead of the conventional pills which I’ve begun to detest. So, I started collecting them. I was careful not to buy what I did not immediately need because to be honest, it can get overwhelming. After some research, I realised that I could incorporate essential oils into my lifestyle and general health. So, instead of using Ibrufen for a migraine for instance, I just inhale some Eucalyptus Oil and take a short nap. By the time I wake up, it has subsided. It went on like that. Of course, after reading up, you know some of the functions and general usage of this things by heart. It gets easier. Right now, I don’t think I can do without essential oils.


I stumbled on an Indian store in my locality recently and since then, my life has literally changed. I’m probably the only Nigerian that goes there in search of Ayurvedic products. It got so weird that one time, as I was about to buy some Ghee, one of the Indian customers kept looking at me wondering what I was using Ghee for. I told him, of course I know what it’s used for. Ayurvedic powders are as natural as they come. There are certain plants that aren’t grown in this climate. It’s an amazing thing to still have access to them via powders and clays.


The tip of the iceberg which is probably late to the party is herbal medicine. I stumbled on this by complete accident on Natural Nigerian. My head was been all over the place since then. When you realise that a lot of this things can be found in your nearest store and not as far fetched as it might have seemed, it is everything! I’ve been making infusions since I bought them. For my hair, skin, even tea. It’s no news that I’m a tea drinker so when I can’t get hold of some of the herbs I want, I just buy a pack of tea.

It’s such a thrilling information to know that we do not have to rely on chemical-laden products. Every single day, my eyes are open to all of the alternatives to our conventional lifestyle.

Yes, a garden is up there with my bookcase. And yes, a skincare line is probable too.

Fun facts:
– Herbal teas are actually packaged infusions.
– Essential oils are plants, herbs and flowers in concentrated quantities.
– You can make just about any oil infusions as long as you have the fresh or dry herbs.
– Rare essential oils are sometimes sold in capsules and can be found in pharmacies.

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