Just Let Go!

Just Let Go!

Whilst doing the dishes this evening, something just came up in my head. Buh before that i saw my ex today. *sigh* i hadn’t seen him in a long while before and after we broke up. I convinced myself to stay away if i was ever going to get over him. That 10 seconds eye contact wasnt as awkward it usually was. I mean there was no *heart skipping* moment and all those feelings accompanied when you are in love. So i began to question myself. *sigh* I had gotten over him. That’s why! I mean there wasn’t any other possible explanation. Besides it was over four months of no contact or communication whatsoever! Somewhere inside me, i was actually euphoric you know.
It’s a new year and Ive decided to let go of past relationships/disappointments and focus on the future. I’m used to carrying so much ‘bagagge’ most times as a result of failed relationships and it had already become part of me that i didnt even realise. And I know i’m done with that! I’m not gonna allow some guy weigh me down because he didnt turn out to be the way i planned! I’m not gonna cry or brood over anybody! I’m just gonna leave them all in 2012 and start all over. Like someone said it’s a new begining. Those guys were not right for me or it would have worked out! God has something far bigger and better for me. Why will i waste my time in hurtful relationships?! So i’m just gonna LET GO!!!!! Trust me it feels soooo good! Right now i feel i can handle just about anything buh instead i’m gonna surrender all to God because i know He’s gonna make all things new in His time and my deepest heart desires will be granted! 😀 😀

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