June Favorites

June Favorites

June was such a tedious month. I can’t remember the last time I was both physically and mentally drained simultaneously. It didn’t even help that I was on meds the entire month and I was a wreck on my birthday. Now that it’s over, these are a few of my favorite things.

1. The Fault In Our Stars


I finally saw The Fault In Our Stars a few days ago after a year of its release and ugh!… it was such a beautiful movie. I particularly love the fact that they didn’t think too much or go overboard whilst making the movie. The simple and minimalistic nature of the movie got me every time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t find myself making the usual comparisons to the book but allowed myself to just enjoy it.

2. Ansel Elgort

Oh my gadd!
Another photo because he's awesome!

Oh my days! Ansel is probably the best thing about the movie. He’s so adorable that I couldn’t stop staring. I felt like breaking through the screen and squeezing his cheeks. And that half smile! *swoons* My heart literally came out of my chest in went back in. I couldn’t stop swooning plus he’s incredibly hot!

3. Just One Day Trilogy – Gayle Foreman


The first thing I did after reading these books was to create two boards on Pinterest – backpacking and capsule wardrobe. That’s the kind of effect the books had on me. Apart from the fact that the book took me on a road trip through Europe and back – Gayle Forman has a way with narratives and descriptions. I was literally on the road with the characters – it evoked some sort of emotions from me. My wanderlust took the better part of me and I promised myself that whatever happens, come rain and sun, I must travel the world.

4. Goodreads Reading Challenge


When I was picking the number of books I planned to read this year, I had it somewhere at the back of my mind that I was gonna read 100 books. But being a perfectionist that I am, I had to pick a safe number. One that I could easy run through without any hassle and I’m super glad that I worked towards it. It’s such an incredible feeling. Being able to set a goal and accomplish it in time for another bigger goal. It’s immensely gratifying and I’m proud of myself.

5. No One Ever Said It Was Going To Be Easy
Depression is as real as it gets. I’m so glad people are speaking out now and sharing their experiences. That’s probably the only way we can take it serious. This is one of them.

6. With A Conscience: ‘The Other Side’

….people don’t have to be in your life on a regular basis for an impact to be made…

This is spot on!

7. Love is a myth
Sigh. This is so heartbreaking. I really hope Brian and Jean have kids eventually and even if they don’t they’ll always be a perfect family regardless.

8. Playing It Safe Is Often Too Risky

Unlearning is hard because it is about shedding what has been expected of us and being safe.

Taking risks. Playing it safe. These are some of the things I beginning to come to terms with in my life.

9. Feelings. Real Or Not Real?

Our feelings are supposed to take a backseat in our Christian life.

Lauren’s words does things to me every. single. time. She writes in such a way that causes you to pause and reflect. This is one of them.

10. Cocaine, Politicians And Wives: Inside The World’s Most Bizarre Prison

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