Jump Roping 101 + First Negative Hair Comment.

Jump Roping 101 + First Negative Hair Comment.


So yesterday, I finally bought a jump-rope although it was quite small. Didn’t realise until I got home. Actually thought I could get away with it especially since my height wasn’t in question. Anyways I still had to improvise.
First thing this morning, I jumped out of the bed to start my work-out routine. You want the truth?

OMG!!!! It’s so hard!!!! I couldn’t even jump well. I don’t have enough stamina or endurance! The plan was to jump for like 10minutes in my mind, jump-roping is a no-brainer. So I started with single-leg jumps. That went a bit well. There was a bit of balance so I could go till 30. After which, I did the double-leg jumps and I lost it…totally. I felt like crying. Couldn’t even get to 10. Sigh. I ended it all with push-ups! And you know what, almost 18 hours later, I still feel so sore. I can’t even move properly. I just want to be stationary until it dies down a bit. Sigh. I hope it does because tomorrow is another day and I need as much motivation. No one around seemed interested enough.
Sigh. Wish me luck!

That aside, after the torture of a work-out, I had to literally carry myself somewhere else. I got there and the first thing this person whom I’ve know forever, said to me is ”Why’s your hair like this?” I’d left my house with an almost well-defined braid-out sans makeup and jewelry. I was feeling very fly. So I of course I was taken aback by that comment. The next thing he said was,”Don’t come here next time with your hair like this”. I could sense the annoyance and irritation in the tone of his voice. ”Infact,cover your hair or do something about it”. Me: Yes sir. As per respect and all. I didn’t let it get to me. In my mind, it’s one of the perks of carrying natural hair. I was already prepared for the awkward stares and comments but from this person, I didn’t expect it…at all.

Sigh. It is well.


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2 thoughts on “Jump Roping 101 + First Negative Hair Comment.

  1. Sorry,people can be so mean ooo. At least they dont tell you that u look raze or worst still, oldskul. And what abt the pics you promise to update?. We(I can only speak for myself though) can’t wait to see it oo

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