July Reading List

July Reading List

In the month of July, I read a total of 10 books. Actually 10+ if you include Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus which was such a drag that I stopped halfway. No I’m not speed-reading, I’m just a voracious reader.

Last month saw the last of John Green. I read his last published/available book and I’m glad that phrase is over even though I’ll miss his quirky sense of humor. That genre’s just too juvenile me. Then was the Nicholas Sparks‘ marathon. I was able to read 3 out of 20 or thereabout. I figured I should probably alternate them so I don’t start having funny ideas. Romance novels have that tendency. I got introduced to the world of chick-lit through Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes. Such interesting writers. It’s been good so far. I just hope I don’t get bored before exhausting them all. Stereotypical novels tend to get bland and tiring after a while. How about the brilliant John Grisham? By the time I’m done with all his books,(Yes! All!) I would probably be a law geek and maybe for the first time have intellectual convos with Dunni who’s an unenthusiastic law student by the way.

How would I ever forget the amazing Elizabeth Gilbert who indirectly set my dreams of globetrotting in motion. I’m so pleased to have come across and enjoyed her books(which she needs to write more of). You know how people come into your life and leave footprints? Yeah that’s Liz Gilbert indirectly anyway.

And finally, the infamous(?) Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man which seemed fascinating at first(special thanks to the hype) but eventually boring and unrelateable. Safe to say I didn’t finish the book. Heck! I didn’t even get to the 90-day rule. No, I’m not interested in thinking like or keeping a man. If he wants to stay let him, if he doesn’t let him go right ahead. Life is hard enough as it is. (I should write a review sometime).To think that I raced to the cinemas from school to see Think Like A Man Too only to get there a tad too late. The universe was definitely telling me something.

So in the particular order of reading;

1. Will Grayson, Will Grayson – John Green

2. The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

3. The Wedding – Nicholas Sparks

4. Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man – Steve Harvey

5. Wedding Night – Sophie Kinsella

6. The Firm – John Grisham

7. Message In A Bottle – Nicholas Sparks

8. Anybody Out There? – Marian Keyes

9. Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

10. Commited: A Skeptic Makes Peace With Marriage – Elizabeth Gilbert


Unfortunately, for the next 2-3 months or more, I might have to put reading non-academic books on hold. Yeah, exams are coming up real soon and I kind need to study. But on the brighter side, in other fantastic news, Half Of A Yellow Sun’s now showing!!!! (which I hear is brilliant btw) Yep! I’m definitely gonna see it hopefully before the end of the week. I must not miss it like The Fault In Our Stars. I can’t believe I didn’t see it and our dear cinemas had the guts to cancel and leave the Amazing Spiderman for almost 10 weeks! Like really?! It’s was on for like…..two seconds! Literally two weeks! Who does that?! *rme

Oh and yeah, posts are gonna be irregular for now. Yeah #StudentProblems. Plus I have Sizzelle and AN to write for regardless.


Love,peace and books

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9 thoughts on “July Reading List

  1. Wow you read a lot
    I wish I had the time to read leisure books, but really every time I get I am trying to push in a book that is actually out of obligation. Can’t wait to be done with this phase

          1. Oh, okay. I went to the library yesterday by the way. It’s N200 to register and you pay this annually and then you pay a one off fee of N2,000 which allows you borrow books for life. You need to bring a utility bill to be allowed to borrow books and I wasn’t aware of this so I have to go back. I didn’t bother looking through the selection of books so it won’t hurt too much that I couldn’t borrow any.

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