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July Favorites

1. Eucalyptus Oil
For a while now, I’ve been trying to switch to alternative medicine. As the name implies, using an alternative form of treatment rather than the traditional methods. This is where essential oils come in. I knew that somehow I was gonna start investing in them because they are quite pricey. The first one I got was eucalyptus oil. The last time I was really ill, my dad bought a bottle and ever since then, I’ve been stuck. Anytime those pesky headaches decide to show up, I just inhale the oil and take a nap. Usually, it disappears by the time I wake up or when I’m feeling rather tensed or jittery, I just take a bath with it. The menthol possess special powers. No joke.

2. Lavender Oil.


This is officially my second essential oil. I think I’m gonna buy Jasmine next. I can’t be the only one that hates wearing perfumes and colognes. Raise your hands if you’re like me. Yes? No? That’s fine. Anyways, I got this specially in place of perfumes. I haven’t figured out how to use it as one yet but you can bet I’ve added it to all of my skincare products. To be honest, the scent is rather disappointing. I expected something strong and floral. Then again, that’s what perfumes are for right? Anyways, I’m super excited about all of the possibilities with lavender oil. I’ll probably share it sometime.

3. Tetley Green Tea


I saw this by accident on the counter and it has been giving me life since then. You know I love me some green tea. Although, I’m still trying to learn to drink it without any sweetener – it requires discipline, I tell you – This particular one comes in honey, lemon, mint and ginger flavours. Awesome stuff!

4. Spy


Can I just say that Jason Stratham is an idiot. Sigh. I’m glad that is out of the way. I saw Spy a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. Damn! Two hours of insane comedy. Well, if you don’t mind the swearing. I’ve become somewhat oblivious to it. I don’t hear it anymore. Anyways, I loved Spy. It’s something I could over and over. Totally enthralling and enjoyable.

5. Seth MacFarlane


It’s official. Seth MacFarlane is my new favorite actor. I saw A Million Ways To Die In The West, Ted2 and a bit of Family Guy in the same month and it’s unbelievable how much I can’t get enough of him. I could binge watch marathons of his movies and I still wouldn’t get tired. Amazing guy! Plus he’s super talented.

6. Maybelline Rocket Volume Express Mascara


I’m trying to step up my makeup game so I’m buying new makeup. This particular mascara is currently giving my lashes life although I can’t for the life of me figure out a way to stop clumping. Regardless, I love, love, love!

7. Brainpickings is easily my new favorite site. They have such timeless curated literary content and Maria Popova is doing such an excellent job. I don’t think it’s exhaustible in one sitting. You might need to create a routine or something. Great stuff!

8.Openculture is also another site that has been serving me great (literary) content. Guys! I found the whole of Anton Chekhov’s 206 short stories on Openculture. It doesn’t get any better than that.

9. I discovered Z!koko a few days ago and I’ve been in stitches since then. I literally read all of their posts in one sitting – yeah it’s not that many anyways and I loved it. Such a breath of fresh air.


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  1. JASON STATHAM – STEWPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would watch that movie 50 million times just because of him!

    Do you need to nap for the Eucalyptus oil to clear the headache? I get migraines so…

    Jasmine oil – my favorite scent in the whole world!

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