It’s Your Birthday Baby! :D

It’s Your Birthday Baby! :D

2 decades ago
You were born into this world as a gift to your parents
Even in the midst of troubles and uneasiness
You were everything they wanted in a child
With charming smiles
And beautiful cries
They couldn’t help but give you a lavish party when you turned one
Because they joy knew no bounds
As you grew older
You grew stronger and bolder
A very bright student
Always came out in flying colours
And made your family proud
Grew in statue
As Jesus was your backbone
Still is
You were crazy about the things of God
Still are
You couldn’t wait to lift your voice to heavens
And give a dance offering
Because your life is all about Him
He saw you through school
You came out with good grades and excellent results
You were always ahead of your peers
Because you are
Highly opinionated
Full of life and vigour
Conqueror despite what life threw at you
Full of love
Jesus’ baby
But because of what you stood for
You didn’t allow anyone cross you
Highly defensive
With a mind of your own
You never let anyone impose anything on you
You always stood for what is right
Hardly ever conformed
Just wasn’t your style
Always felt the need to be different and outstanding
Because you stood for Christ
Because you have a purpose
Because you’re set to fulfill your destiny
And because nothing is gonna stop you
From entering Heaven’s gate
With God’s grace
You’re gonna accomplish all that God has created you for
You gonna be blessed with an amazing spouse and beautiful children
And with that you’re gonna make the world a better place
Because the world sure needs someone like you
And with your writings
You’ll go really far
And touch lives
Because that’s what you’re called to do
You’re gonna make beautiful pictures
And help others appreciate their environment
With God’s grace

Happy Birthday to you!

P.S: This poem is dedicated to me.

Freelance Content Writer. Bookish. Aspiring Organic Skincare Formulator.

7 thoughts on “It’s Your Birthday Baby! :D

  1. “With God’s grace you’re gonna accomplish all that God has created you for” I say a big AMEN to this and all the other prayers of your heart to Him today and those of all your loved ones. I don’t know you, but I love what you bring on my timeline, it’s good to know there are virtuous God-chasing young, bold and beautiful ladies like you in this generation. Happy 20th Birthday. Shine on.

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