It’s AN!!!!

It’s AN!!!!

Hey People!

Guess who’s the newest freshest member of African Naturalistas?! Yeeah mehn!!!! *in Usher’s voice* That’s me! I’m so so excited. Infact it hasn’t really sunk in yet. When I was still deliberating on whether or not to create a hair blog; this just came up! Wow! I’m so so honoured to be part of a team that has guided me in this natural hair journey. This was one of the few sites I visited during my early days of research and it’s been bookmarked on my phone since then. So you can imagine being in the midst of the people who I look up to! It’s priceless! Being involved with the one and only African Naturalistas! Wow!

Special Shoutout to Tomi. You have no idea what you done. God bless you plenty!

Anyways thursdays have been allocated to me. You might wanna join me there. It’s all about correcting the misconceptions of natural hair and educating other people that would wanna join the train. LOL

Alright so you can view my profile here. It’s up already,

Ok so I need to prepare my debut post. It’s up in two days.


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