Is It Really Necessary?!

Is It Really Necessary?!

How y’all doing?!

A couple of minutes ago I saw a VERY nasty photo on twitter. Not that it’s something new,it’s something i’ve gradually become used to. Buh this one in particular was really disgusting! Anyways, according to the environs and the number of people involved, obviously whatever was going on there was in a club. And i’m like WOW! I can’t even begin to imagine the kinds of immorality that happen apart from the obvious drinking and dancing.

What exactly are clubs meant for?! Drinking and dancing to all sorts of music all in the name of relaxing. I’m sure it’s not Coke and Mountain Dew that’s sold there. All sorts of hard liquor that makes people tipsy after a couple of shots. As well as dancing with random ladies who end up passing the night with other random guys. I mean that’s what i imagine happening in clubs. I’ve never been to one. I only see them in movies. More recently, i heard of house parties where the ladies are being drugged via their drinks and are eventually raped so to speak. And i’m like is it really necessary?? Can’t you just stay home,watch a movie and eat popcorn?! Or hang out with a couple of friends,watch football and engage in meaningful convos?! Do u really have to go to such crowded places on Friday nights or every day of the week all in the name of fun?!

I’m not here to judge you or tell you how to live your life. Amean what do i know? I’m just a girl who lives next door. I don’t think anything positive comes out of clubbing. ( You’re free to disagree). Apart from maybe networking?!! ( your opinions will be gladly accepted). Because you can’t tell me you just go there with friends and sit in a corner tweeting or listening to music?! You’ll definately be tempted and eventually yield. So why don’t you just stay away?! All i know is there will be less accidents as a result of drunk driving, rape will definately be reduced and i will stop seeing disgusting x-rated photos on twitter. It’s so annoying!!! It’s so heartbreaking when i see a once vibrant youth who had hunger and thirst for the things of God end up tweeting about parties and even go as far as using the names as their handles as a sort of announcement. (You know yourself! -__-). Really?! Talk about succumbing to peer pressure! I’m not against hanging out or having fun buh there’s a limit to all these things. Really. Society has sort of turned clubs to the ‘ultimate’ relaxing spots so it has already become part and parcel of us. Buh you don’t have to accept what the world throws @ you because it’s a norm. I even heard there are gay and even nude clubs!! SMH. It’s times like this i wonder why Jesus hasn’t come and what’s keeping Him. Then again, i remember He’s extending His grace and giving people time to repent before it’s too late.

Inasmuch as i try to be indifferent about things like this at the same time i’m worried and try to do my own quota you know and hope someone somewhere will pick a thing or two.

It is well.

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14 thoughts on “Is It Really Necessary?!

  1. I agree.. A very decent friend of mine decided to give clubbing a trial due to curiosity and after the experience he just concluded it was like being in Sodom and Gomorrah.. I obviously don’t think clubbing is a good idea for a serious minded person…

  2. The thing about going to a club to me, is that you can just go to dance and have a few drinks. Its best to go with your friends girls and stick together you don’t have to have alcohol. It shouldn’t be a frequent thing just a once in a while. I agree that it can be dangerous at times. But I really don’t like the sexual thing happening in clubs cause its really annoying and should be stopped

  3. I always ask a question. Is it better to get water from a gutter and go through the rigors of purifying it or to get clean water from a stream.

    For christians who recognize their mission or Purpose on earth , there are certain places you won’t have time for. Remember that to the pure all things are pure. Are you , as a Christian, going to a club at 11pm to preach? If you wanna have fun why not sit in your room with those girlfriends and speak in tongues. loool..

    but seriously Ebun you have hit a nerve here and we cant just leave these thoughts to blogs. Christ is not just giving grace to sinners to accept him, he is also giving grace to us Christians to wake up and spread the gospel!!! we need to wake up!!

    If you are a Christian! aggressively share such truths to everyone around you… Let us stop hiding our candles under our beds! let your light shine

  4. We live in a fast changing world and with the introduction of the world wide web the Changes is even more rapid, as it is now easier to copy one culture and super-impose it into ur everyday life from just surfing tru the internet and with the Media selling off on sexual content video and movies we are left with the Only choice of Guilding our heart with all diligence and holding on to the core value of our faith cos u can’t really tell people how to live their life but you can influence them with how u live yours
    Clubs have its merits and demerits likewise twitter so I can’t judge it based on its demerit alone

  5. @damilare I feel your passion but sadly passion is not enoff to change the systems first u need to create alternative if you stop a child from watching tv you have to give him a book or something else to keep him busy if not after a while without engaging the child meaningfully he or she will go back to that tv, humans seek for recreation and relaxation and club is offering that, so u can start by creating a hang out spot for christians were alcohol and smokes won’t be sold then u can start the arguement for the relevant of clubs

  6. as in babe!!!!i cant say much again cos uve nailed it big time!! as in,i dont even know how else to explain to people most especially ladies and young women about their virtue and how well they should maintain their dignity and keep themselves pure for God most especially in the profession i find myslef in where people come to complain about different sorts
    sometimes when i remember them, i put them in prayer and i counsel the ones i can. only God can open their eyes and thats for those who are willing to be delivered.
    Our own is to be a light unto the world and a salt upon the earth to help guide the lost and lead the blind out of darkness by His grace.
    wonderful post once again
    i’ve passed the Liebster award to you dearie, please check out my blog for details

  7. Clubbing! What’s to enjoy in d noise,crowdiness,chokiness and ur whole body smelling of smoke(my galfrends went and dy smelt like dy were d cigarette bn smoked!) I’ll reaLly like to knw its merit! That’s me sha oo(I hate going out)

  8. nothing good comes out of parties and clubs, anywhere there’s alcohol. so many teens are rapped, with videos and pictures posted online. I have to admit I went to clubs about 3times just out of curiosity and I stopped because I didn’t see the point in dancing in the dark, when I can just do that at home. plus i don’t listen to secular music anymore. FYI, I went to a club in Beijing, China which had computers for people to use. Trust me, girls were on it playing video games and chatting with friends online! lol.

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