Involving God in Little Things

Involving God in Little Things

It’s a couple of weeks to my exams and I’m trying to study but I can’t seem to assimilate anything. There’s a myriad of things going through my head and I just really need to stop and concentrate. I need some kind of outlet to declutter my head.

Often times, I forget to include God in mundane yet important things like semester exams or migraines. If it isn’t something major, then it doesn’t really count. Sadly, I don’t think I’ve committed minor (exams) to His hands in recent times. In my mind, he’s bigger and beyond this things and shouldn’t be bothered with them.

But then I’m thinking if I can’t trust Him with seemingly irrelevant things, how do I trust Him with the huge ones? Same goes with tithing. If you can’t give from the little He has provided you with, how do you intend to, when the large ones arrive? It’s a daily struggle for me.

I have lots of love for people that have or ”appear” to have this close relationship with God. Like they could converse with the Holy Spirit like besties. It’s an amazing feeling. It sort of ”bridges that gap” between God and us. And so bringing up minute issues doesn’t seem so much like a chore or a struggle.

I wanna get to that point because I know and believe God is interested in that cramp, migraine, crankiness or lack of concentration no matter how much I tell myself otherwise.

Sidenote: This past weekend was easily the best so far this year. It felt good to be remembered. I’m yet to recover from all the awesomeness. Please don’t joke with your tithes and seed offerings. Plus I attended the NIPHEC pre-conference seminar(what’s up with that?) since I’m not sure I would be able to attend the main events and I was so excited that I forgot to take pictures. Took a few though but I’m just gonna wait until theirs have been uploaded. Their official photographer and social media manager were all over the place so I should appear in a few. It was good. I had fun. Learnt a few new things. Listened to the amazing Seun Akinsanmi. Gosh! I can’t wait to intern with him. There’s something about God-fearing purpose-driven men. It’s contagious. Met a few new people. I’m not sure I made friends but I think everyone would remember me as the ”French woman”. Lol. Particularly loved the fact that the facilitators were young and easy to talk to. So getting their social media details was fun. Anyways it’s was all good except that my ebooks have disappeared. Met up with old family friends and they didn’t want me to leave. As usual they kept teasing me about height but I took no offence. I’m used to it. And for the first time ever, she gave me some deep advice. Now, you might not understand. No-one has ever given me such advice not even my mum so it meant a lot. I love love love the fact that she was blunt and blatant especially as regards making life-changing mistakes and not dwelling on them but acknowledging the fact that you’re only human.( Really needed to hear that) Sigh. I wish I could hug her right now. It feels so good to have someone like her around.*adds to mentors list*


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2 thoughts on “Involving God in Little Things

  1. *Hugs*.. I love the sincerity of this post..
    You are so right about involving God in the ‘small small’ things – God loves conversations with us not just in the mornings and evenings (And before food lol).. He wants you to ask for His help, for His opinion, for His strength throughout the day.. Also to tell Him how great He is and that you love Him.. Our walk and relationship with God is similar to what we cultivate with earthly friends – It starts with a ‘Hello’ and gradually progresses to more..
    Don’t be discouraged – your days of easy conversations with the Holy Spirit will soon come but you have to start somewhere, somehow – God’s grace hun.. God bless you xx

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