In the spirit of thanksgiving.

Hey guys
I feel like I didn’t do enough justice to #ThankfulThursdays this week because it’s thanksgiving. I felt compelled to come back here and really give thanks. Coincidentally it’s thanksgiving on Sunday too so I’m just gonna give a list of people/things I’m thankful for generally.

I’m thankful for
1. The Grace of God.
2. The Word of God.
3. Sanity
4. My family
5. Provision, guidance and protection.
6. All my team mates in African Naturalistas.
7. Sola|@Replacement2
8. Dunni |@Trilldunnii_
9. Feranmi |@_StreetCEO_
10. Ola
11. King | @ Osibelking
12. Books
13. The Internet
14. Worship songs
15. My blog readers
16. Coke
17. Yogurt
18. My school
19. Love and romance
20. Twitter
21. Pinterest
22. Photography & Makeup.
23. Lee Min Ho
24. Hair products
25. Sunglasses
26. Peace of mind.
27. Ankara
28. Sunrise/sunset
29. Safety
30. Praise and criticism
31. Decency
32. Earphones
33. Movies
34. Values
35. Fresh air.
36. Lists
37. Creativity
38.Boli and Groundnut
39. Pounded Yam and Efo Riro
40. Turkey
41. Gadgets/Apps
42. My blog
43. My hair
44. My closet
45. Microwaves
46. Washing machines
47. Honey/Lemons/Baking Soda/ACV.
48. Tenth Avenue North
49. Casting Crowns
50. Life in general

This list is inexhaustible. I’ve basically written the first things that came to my mind. The whole idea is to appreciate the very little things we have/own because some people lack that very thing you’re taking for granted.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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