The Idea Of Love

The Idea Of Love

So I just finished reading The Notebook (and The Wedding) for the first time ever. Yes! Yes! I know what you’re thinking. I can’t believe I hadn’t read it either till date. And I loved it! It probably sounds cliche. Amean you doesn’t love one of the biggest bestselling love stories of all time?

I love love. I love been in love. I love the idea of been in love. I’m an unashamed sucker for true love and happy endings and fairytales and romance.I love the feelings and emotions that evokes from being in love. I think love is one of the most beautiful and powerful things that transcends even life itself and one needs to experience love at some level to appreciate the meanings and depth to love.

I think love goes beyond butterflies rumbles or skipped heart beats or flutterings and all those other reactions. I think it means putting that person’s needs and welfare before yours; making challenging sacrifices; putting up which whatever shortcomings and flaws and sometimes presenting or portraying them as perfection; showing strength in weakness;making commitments and compromises; showing affection, tenderness, kindness unconditionally and whatnot.

I’ve been in love once. I think I have an idea of what means to be in love but overtime I fell out of love and just loved him which affected the course our relationship. He came with so much baggage for a guy and till date I still wonder what sustained me for that period. I admire my strength and tenacity at that age regardless and I hope I don’t falter as an adult.

I also think that there’re different variations to love; you could be in love with the idea of someone, with the memory or just be in love with them for them;the whole nine yards. I think overtime love grows, the bond becomes unbreakable sort of especially if it’s reciprocated accordingly. I think it’s beyond materialism, physique or status. I think it comes with a lot of responsibility. Being responsible for another individual other than yourself is a lot of work. I think love and marriage are interwined. There’re a type of love you experience within marriage. I also think you can fall in love at any age as along as you have a level of understanding, conscious enough and honest with your feelings devoid of any form of deceit.

The Notebook brought back a lot of nostalgia(and messed up my mood and emotions as well). The memories were as vivid as ever and I think it played a huge role in my life and contributed quite a bit to person I am today. Having said that, everyone deserves an(epic) love story with a happy ending (This is the hopeless romantic in me speaking now) but the way this thing called life is, it doesn’t exactly follow any rules or go the way we plan or expect, it just…..happens and in that happening, it never ceases to amaze or throw us off guard but once in a while even when everything wrong’s going on with the world, it has a way of tossing in epic stories to remind us of the very essence of our existence.

Love, love and more love

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  1. I so agree with you! Love is beautiful. Sometimes I miss it… or the idea of it. If you get the real thing with a good one, you won! Otherwise, Meh

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