I’d Rather Not.

I’d Rather Not.

There is this saying that every girl should be in the kitchen with her mother whenever she is cooking.(i dunno if it still applies to this generation).That didnt apply to me though.I remember vividly while growing up instead of helping my mom in the kitchen,i’d rather watch TV or read a book.(Then i read novels A LOT) or finish some assignment. I always ran away from the kitchen and my mom didnt mind.She wasn’t the kind of person that forced chores on us; especially when we had school work to do. She gladly took over them without any complaint.(BTW,my mom is an educationist,she believes there’s time for everything even for learning some cuilinary skills and she was right).During exams,she made sure we weren’t disturbed with any chores instead she made us study.(I guess that was one of the reasons i had good grades in school).Mehn it was blissful, no chores just study eat and sleep.Buh that routine had side effects. When i graduated high school,my mom left the kitchen to me. I practically had to do ‘all’ the cooking. By then i only knew the basics so she still had to help out when it came to the Okeles (e.g Amala,Semo) and a few things.Along the line I realised that i’d gotten used to the system of ‘not cooking myself’ buh eating from someone else.I didnt enjoy cooking. I still don’t. I feel its stress. Why stress yourself when you can get someone to do the job.( i mean that’s what caterers and eatries are there for). I spent a great deal of my money on eatries. My friends even volunteered to teach me buh i just wasn’t interested.
It went on like that till i had to move in with my dad.(my parents were seperated then). I had to become an ‘housewife’ or rather ‘housedaughter’. That was when the turning point came: i had to learn how to cook for my dad and I.Funny enough, my dad is a great cook. He didnt have any problem preparing the meals and he knew i didnt like cooking. Buh I felt kinda ashamed so i took over. I learnt on my own somehow. Sometimes, i would call my mom up and ask her for directions. LOL!.
Yeah i know before you go all who-will-cook-for-you-in-your-husband’s house, the good news is Ive learnt aii,even though i’d rather not.(I’m pretty good tho;)). For me to be able stay in the kitchen for hours sweating,then my husband must be really special because honestly I’d rather not!

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  1. U beta have a rethink, first of all, what s d value of a woman dat doesnt kno how to cook(shame, u said it ursef). U think u r gud @ it, after not knowin the basics, and u even have to call ur mum fo help wen u wer stayin wit dad. U beta start leanin more and fast, cos u’v gotta stay and sweat in d kitchen no mater how un-special dat husband of urs will b. Dont forget, u av d duty to make dat husband of urs special, nothing falls frm sky apart frm d rain nowadays. it goes a long way to make some1 special, especially one’s hubby, and cooking(I mean special culinary skills) form a very big part in dat.

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