Yep! That’s what’s up incase you didn’t know,now you know. I don’t wanna become one of those people that write what the readers expect thereby pushing their feelings and thoughts aside or try be biased. I’m not about entertainment or controvesy; that’s what Linda Ikeji’s for, i write to express,to inspire,to escape. I write for me. TBVH, i really don’t have my readers in mind when i write. Really. I just wanna let it all OUT! No barriers!

That been said, i think over the months i’ve haven’t really had to deal with my offline friends. Most of them don’t even know about the existence of this blog which is soo cool by me. I don’t have to contend with anyone or try to prove anything to anyone. I just need to write so that one day i’ll look back and smile knowing that i wrote my heart out. [Sorry Tomi, i had to say this. It felt soo RIGHT!]

But notwithstanding i appeciate EVERY SINGLE person that has dropped by to read my ramblings. You’re farr too kind! I just feel if i have to be cautious of every word i write, then it’s defeats the whole purpose of being a personal blog which obviously it is. I should be able to express myself as freely as i want. That’s one of the reasons i stopped spamming people with my posts on Twitter. There are times i have to pause and remind myself this things. I don’t wanna end up in a fix whereby i’ll be forced to satisfy both parties.

Ok i think i’ve said enough on this.

Have an awesome week guys!

Don’t worry i still love y’all.


Freelance Content Writer. Bookish. Aspiring Organic Skincare Formulator.

4 thoughts on “I.Write.For.Me

  1. I like the fact that you have no fears about telling the truth straight up. More people should be doing that instead of living in their own secret world. secret world.

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