Happy Days


One of the many things I take pleasure in is research. Sitting behind my phone[laptop] and surfing through the net searching for new information and writing a post on it.. It gives me so much joy. I have no idea why. That’s why each and every day I’m so grateful for the platforms I have to do what I know how to do best. Maybe it’s because of it’s convenience, a mean I could get all the information I need in one sitting, I do not have to leave my comfort zone for anything. I think it’s one of the reasons I’m so attached to my phone. I could just lie on my bed and study for my next post on AN. When I’m done, I write a draft post on my phone. Stress-free and effortless; my kind of life.
That explains why I’m more inclined to solitude. I need to be able to think and create without any hassle. And enjoy my company with a chilled bottle of coke, some cookies and Kierra Sheard playing in the background.

P.S: The title was inspired by Afam.


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