Happy Birthday Mom!


So its my mom’s birthday today.Wow! i don’t even know where to start from.First of all,HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

My mom & I haven’t rili been best of friends.We weren’t always on the same page.We have different philosophies and desire totally different things.I always felt she didn’t understand me because she paid more attention to my brothers than me.So i kinda felt neglected & kept to myself sometimes confiding in my bestie then.The turning point came when i finished high school.We became a bit close.We talked more,hung out more and she began to understand me gradually so she had no choice but to eventually support me.Even though we still don’t have the kind of relationship i would have loved to have with her,im still grateful for the one I have,She has been a pillar of strength for me especially in my spiritual life.I learnt the basics of Christianity from her.My mom has been the best and without her,i don’t know where i would have been today.God has and is still using her for me.


Happy Birthday Mom.Wishing you long life,prosperity and everything you wish for yourself. I love you and God bless.:)

P.S: Thats my mom & I some 17years ago! 😉


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