Guest Post: How Effective Is Childhood Days In the Growth Of A Personality

Guest Post: How Effective Is Childhood Days In the Growth Of A Personality

Childhood is one of the most wonderful and important phase of a human life which helps in the development of one’s personality.The personality traits of a person are directly related to his childhood development.A child’s personality is determined by the interaction of temperament traits with the environment. Every child comes to this earth with a specific behavior, which is hereditary. But a point to be added here is that, a child is always prone to changes and parental care is the important factor that helps children to enhance their personality growth. Let’s look how childhood days and personality development are related to each other.

Personal Traits

A child has a set of inborn traits, which helps to organize his approach to the environment.  These traits help to regulate learning about the world around him. These traits are never stable, never good or bad. It’s the way how the child receives these traits it makes it good or bad.During the early childhood, children start to develop the self-concept of attributes, attitudes and abilities. As their memory develops, they start to memorize things and in addition, they develop an Inner Self, private thoughts, feelings, and desires that nobody else knows about unless a child chooses to share this information.Children with easy temperaments are typically eager to try things repeatedly and find it better to handle frustrations and challenges. In contrast, children with more difficult temperaments may become more easily frustrated and discouraged by challenges or changes in the situation. Here comes the role of parents. We can say that a parents’ training can help a lot in children’s personal development. A parent needs to understand the trait of the child and treat them accordingly. Parents should help the children to build and develop certain traits.

Parental Care

Children are always prone to changes and they accept good changes so quickly when trained them perfectly. In a child’s personal development, the role of parent is very important. When parents realize how their child responds to certain situation, they can learn to anticipate issues that might give difficulties for their child. They can prepare the child for the situation or in other cases they may avoid a potentially difficult situation all together. During the childhood days, proper guidance and care should be given by the parent so as to enhance the personality of their child. A child watches his parents more than listening to them. A child is sure to watch things you do and follow them. When it comes to personality development, if the parents do not follow a proper trait then the child is sure to get spoiled.If a child is raised by an over protective family then he will develop fears and insecurities because of believing that the world is unsafe. Now when that child becomes an adult he will still have his fears and insecurities but he will display them in a different way. Being an over protective parent you are actually building a fear inside your child which can have a prolonged effect on the child even when he grows. The adulthood of a person is just the extension of his childhood. As a  parent you should always welcome and appreciate the things which your child does and if you find anything wrong, then try to correct him in a way that he understand things and not in the way he starts building hatred towards you.When you do so, his personality in developing skills and creativity will stand apart. Parents should make it a point to leave their child freely, but at the same time they should be under your analysis always.When a child is exposed to the public, he comes to know more about people. He knows how to speak to them, what language can be used with them and stuffs like sharing, taking responsibility which is also a part of personality development.In childhood days, when a child becomes a victim of ranting parents, then the child is sure to get psychological problem then and in future which will have an adverse effect on his personality development.So it’s always the parental care in childhood which helps the child to be a better citizen when he matures.Parent’s proper patience, guidance, training and the atmosphere at home makes a child grow better.

Above points makes it clear that childhood days always has a greater impact on a child’s personality development. In fact it should be said that parental care is the base of everything. The personality development of a child is directly connected to the way his parents grow him. The culture, environmental relation, mannerisms etc. is followed by the child, as his parents show it. Childhood training is the most fundamental aspect of a person which develops him, nurtures him and helps him in his personal development. In Conclusion it’s clear that effective childhood days play an essential role in the personality development of a person.


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