From The Experience 8.

From The Experience 8.

Hey guys!

The Experience was AWESOME! I can’t believe I’ve missed 7 years of greatness. Gosh! The most painful was last year when Deitrick Haddon came. Still haven’t gotten over it. Half-expected to meet him there this year but I didn’t and it’s all good. I just need to add attending one of his concerts to my bucket list. But the other artistes were amazing as well. They literally brought heaven on earth.

Cece Winans – Evergreen. She oozed so much radiance and performed splendidly.
Micah Stampley – Awesomeness. His voice! Oh gawd! I can’t believe I haven’t been paying attention to him.
Midnight Crew! – Greatness! They always deliver. I danced till I had cramps.
Sammie Okposo – He delivered as well. He had me on my feet in no time.
Tye Tribett – Energy!!!! Woah! Dude was literally flying across the stage. Love his haircut tho; I remember him formerly on locs. Excellent performance!
Eben – After his first song, I felt left out. He also seems to be quite popular.Also didn’t pay so much attention to him previously. He’s good too.
Don Moen – Uber Duper Greatness. When his name was announced, there was this renewed strength that overtook me. I felt God speak directly to me though the sequence and the lyrics of his ministration. That moment was indescribable. I had no choice but to let go and let God.
Frank Edwards – I have no idea who he is. Heard his name too a few times previously. His songs seemed quite popular too like that of Eben’s. There were a couple I was familiar with that I could sing along to.

Seriously these guys are grossly underrated.

Yolanda Adams – I love the fact that I could just listen and be blessed. It was her first time and she delivered in her own way. I enjoyed it..
Donnie McCulkin – Yoooo!!!! I don’t think I can ever get tired of listening to him. He was awesome as usual!
Mike Aremu – This was the point where exhaustion took the better part of me. l could only sway along to the beats and instrumentals.
Kingsley Ike – Wow! Honestly I don’t know this guy but he is a performer!!!! At this point, the only thing on my mind was my bed. So I joined in the spirit. LOL.
Apart from the terrible discomfort caused by our sitting positions, the hunger, the various odors oozing from various bods, the annoying guys that chose to pitch their tent in front of me,my friend bailing on me, I had a swell time. I could see the stage almost conveniently and had a couple of screens to my disposal. The network was terrible, couldn’t tweet through as I’d planned. In Nigeria, crowd automatically means no network. Had goosebumps almost all through and was moved to tears especially during Don Moen’s ministration. It was a good one. I’m glad I went and even more ecstatic that I didn’t have friends accompany me. I felt I wouldn’t have connected to God like I did. The journey home was….*inserts appropriate adjective*. Anyways, I think I need some sleep.

I looking forward to #TheExperience9 next year. This time, hopefully with my DSLR. I would love to cover a bit of it.. And maybe I could start tensioning Deitrick Haddon to come, afterall he follows me.*moonwalks* ^_^.


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6 thoughts on “From The Experience 8.

  1. Wowzer dear!
    You ain’t never lied namesake! …I related to your review in more ways than one. T.H.E E.X.P.E.R.I.E.N.C.E was phenomenal in all colours,shades and hues.A gazillion-billion stars mehn!!!
    Same here@pained feeling to missing Dietrick Haddon last year and not returning this year, (fire the tensioning from all cylinders dear, i’m game.)
    i’m doubly glad I could relate to your opinion of Yolanda’s ministration , many folks couldn’t (and it was so cool that I connected *mean wink*)…

    Cece !!!!!!…my remarkable music momma!…Tye Tribette? Oh my word? Remember Donnie called him a terrorist…hehehe…
    Micah!!!!!…my hearty music minister! Bless his heart!
    Don Moen! You took the words right out of my mouth…I couldn’t agree more @your similar impression.
    Please pay attention to Frank and Eben dear! They are uber-amazing worshippers!
    The hunger and crappy network tho, not even calls or sms went through…*sigh*.

    The be-all and end-all is , I had a giddy, hearty,super-duper,resplendent fun EXPERIENCE!
    Looking forward to #9.

    1. Yayy! i’m glad you could relate.

      Frank and Eben? I guess it’s because I’m more inclined to foreign artistes. But I’ll definitely check them out.

      IKR!!!!!!!! Yaga!!!!!!!

  2. I had a feeling you’d be there. Don Moen’s was fabulous as expected. There were many scenes I’ll find hard to forget. And I am keeping a lookout for 2023.

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