From the Depth of My Heart..

From the Depth of My Heart..

I was @ the movies today with a very close friend. He’s the closest thing i have to a best friend right now. On our way home, i asked him whether he had visited this blog. Prior to today,i had invited him and was really expectant. I couldn’t wait to hear his views and thoughts,his praise and criticism! Only for me to hear that he didnt even read my posts buh only scanned through and logged out.
Wow! That reaction killed my morale. i felt so bad. I’ve only had two friends on this blog and i thought if i advertised it more, they would be @ least interested.

I really wanna thank EVERY single person that has visited this blog. I didn’t really expect so much response because it isn’t the regular one,it’s more on a personal level. I’m really grateful for the audience y’all have given me. You have no idea what it means to me. Y’all have been there right from the beginning even with all my rants and vents. There are times when i’m angry or in a bad mood,i just come here and pour out all my feelings and feel some kind of relief afterwards. Not because of anything, buh because i feel somebody somewhere is reading and that’s just enough for me. Y’all have inspired me and i’ll be forever grateful.

From the depth of my heart, i just wanna say a very big THANK YOU!!!
God bless you all loads!

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10 thoughts on “From the Depth of My Heart..

  1. This is Part we say you are welcome and big hug follows right….
    Thanks to that cool friend of yours we are getting the much needed attention now wooooooohoooooooo lol

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