Friendship,Love And The Things That Matter

Friendship,Love And The Things That Matter

One of the few things that tickles my fancy is when I read posts of people that have aptly described my thoughts. It’s like they took a trip down the myriad of things in my head,filtered them and poured my exact thoughts down in black and white.

One of those few people is the amazing Yinkus Pinkus (I’m still convinced we’re distantly related) in her post, ”Love is always there,somewhere”


As usual, some things she said stood out for me. Yeah,she’s deep like that.

There are two things I find particularly attractive about the concept of friendship: honesty and loyalty.
The beauty of honesty lies in the face of truth; while the beauty of loyalty lies in companionship.

I like to believe I am a rather good friend to have.. I am honest, and well.. always there.

But I am often left lonely, alone. A paradox?

Most of us really have no clue what the love of God feels like. We can neither relate to the sacrificial love of a mother, nor the protective arms of a father. We have not experienced what it is to truly be someone else’s universe, treasure, reason for living; and so we cannot fathom true love.

Deep! This is me,right there.

The beauty of human relationships lies in their reflection of the Divine.
Like a mirror: a reflection of that which truly is, and that which is like it.

The beauty of true friendship lies in how much it reflect God’s love.
A steady and unchanging enduring love. Love that includes honesty, loyalty, patience, forgiveness, endurance, and durability.

How many of us can truly say we have such friends, we are such friends?

How many of us can truly say we have such friends, we are such friends?

And how many of us take a backseat when we see beautiful friendships fall apart? How many of us step in because we understand that true friendships take a time to forge, foster, strengthen.. and know the pain that comes when they end?
How many of us turn a blind eye simply because we do not want to get involved? Because we never did understand the power of phileo in the first place? Because we have no one who loves us to that extend, and no one to shower with our own friendly affection?

See this

Sometimes love really means just being there, standing by.

Remaining even when it hurts and it would be more convenient to simply move on.
And coming back or chasing when one decides to step away.
At other times love means giving it time and walking away.. yet remaining close enough to pick him/her up she s/he falls.
To hear a friend’s silent cry and lend a listening shoulder or ear to?

How many of us are truly no true friends at all?

Hold on, just a little bit more

How many of us have friends we know will be there no matter what?
How many of us can trust our friends to tell us the truth, even when they know we’d rather not hear it?
How many of us can confidently say that our secrets, our darkest of all stories, are safe with those we call our closest companions?

How many of us are such friends?

How many of us care enough about the friendships around us?
How many of us know that, should we have a falling out with a close friends, there will be another friend to step in and bridge that gap?
God calls these kind of people peacemakers and promises them the earth.
It’s funny how many of us dream of changing the world and impacting lives, on making an impact, a difference, and leaving behind a legacy for generations to follow, and yet we find it all so difficult to make for peace amongst our peers

And she concludes

Often love simply means to stand by, to be there.
At other times it means to come back.

It is to the extent that His love is shed abroad in our hearts, to the extent that we love and are there for one another, that the world will come to see and know His unfailing and unchanging love too.


Sigh. I honestly don’t know how to pass commentary on this. So I’m just gonna leave it here for you to reflect on,myself inclusive and discuss this later.


Love and friendships.


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