God’s masterpiece
Designed to make or mar you
Readily avaliable to raise your spirit
Never a dull moment
Fun and laughter all the way
Fights and tease too
Always dependable
Often disappoints
That doesn’t make them less human
They are fully aware of your past
And accepts you just the way you are
Ever present shoulder to cry on
Distance can’t even hold us down
Our bond so strong,it’s impenetrable
Even those fights and quarrels that seem to break us
Makes us even stronger
They makes this wicked world bearable
Because they got our backs even in the toughest situations
Their importance cannot be over-emphasised
Thank God for friends.
Even for the ones that brought tears to our eyes
Those that brought the best in us
And taught us life’s greatest lessons
We will continue to cherish them
Because their reward is in Heaven.


P.S: Dedicated to all my friends. God bless you loadz! Xoxo.

Freelance Content Writer. Bookish. Aspiring Organic Skincare Formulator.

8 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I’m your friend shey? -batting eyelashes-

    A nice post that is wonderfully short. I finished reading and started singing “what a friend we have in Jesus”. LOOOOL. Forgive me x_X.

    Anyways… Weldone ma’am -smiles-

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