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Friday Links.

1. My Daily Struggle To Fake A Cool Life On Instagram
This is soo relatable. Although, I don’t have a ”cool” life and I’m too busy to fake anything. Everyone secretly admires those really artsy and well put together feeds. I tried it once and failed horribly at it so I let it be.

2. What Writing A Book Could Cost You
One of my biggest dreams is to put myself together and write a book. But for some reasons, the thought alone is frightening mostly because I haven’t found my voice and I’m terrified of putting myself out there.

3. Top 10 Skills We Wish We Were Taught In School But Usually Aren’t
Spot on! Good thing is, it’s never too late to learn.

4. Do You Follow Through?
This is so important.

5. Argue Over Email If You’re Too Angry To Talk In Person
The first major argument I had this year was via email. So, yeah it’s so much better.

6.Why Being Idle Can Lead To Better Thinking
This is such an awesome read. As a writer, one of my favorite things to do, is to sit alone with my thoughts. Apart from the fact that it helps me think and create and function properly, it also helps me write better. I live for my peace and quiet.

7. Today I Decided To Try And Be A Nicer Person
It’s so important to avoid all kinds of negativity especially on the Internet. Usually, it’s your health and overall well-being at risk and not the other way around.

8. With Great Privilege Comes Great Responsibility
Friendly reminder.

9. 7 Dirty Modern Habits And What They Say About Us
This actually funny but true. I think we need to be reminded of some of this habits every now and then.

10.What I Wish I Knew About Creativity When I Was 20
Such an enlightening read. Everyone is creative at something. It’s up to you to discover what it is.

~ EB.

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