Freelance?!! -__-

Freelance?!! -__-


So i was thinking; maybe i should go freelance. That means taking my writing to a ”professional” level. You know; More exposure and experience and maybe some change. If there’s one thing i know how to do best it’s to state my views and opinions just about anything. I mean this blog has really helped me develop my writing skills. There are times when i look back at my archives and i’m like ”Did i write that?! Wow!”. I may not be a fantastic writer buh i know i’ve grown to the point that i’m impressed with myself and i aspire to be even better. Lately i’ve been reading a couple of articles from YNaija. At the end of each post they try to give a brief bio about the author/writer. And i’m like there’s nothing special about this people. They aren’t even professionals. They just have a way of passing their message and connecting with their audience. And so i can do this!! What’s stopping me?! No Biggie.

Btw, a ”Freelance” is someone who works on his own and isn’t under any employer. Often times, they are more of writers and journalists. I really don’t know about any other profession. Buh really the thought that my works will have a bigger audience and maybe be paid for it is just fulfiling. Then again, maybe i don’t have the skills or i’m not good enough or maybe i just need a platform like YNaija. It’s still a thought -in-progress. I haven’t decided yet.

What do you think?!

*Added to my Bucket List* –> Become a Freelance Writer.


Freelance Content Writer. Bookish. Aspiring Organic Skincare Formulator.

6 thoughts on “Freelance?!! -__-

  1. Am a progressive minded person and I believe you can only but take ur writing to the next level, I have thoroughly enjoyed hanging out here and guess what I learn here too so my Dear let nothing stop you not even your last or next excuse! trust me do better than some ”profressional” “writers” you process your thoughts better than most let’s not memtion names heehhehehehehe

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