For The Love Of Writing.

Hi guys!

I’ve always loved writing for as long as I can remember.

Back in the day I had notebooks where I copied articles from magazines and inspirational books. I wrote them down to read later on. When one was finished I would staple a new one to the back cover. That was as early as 12-13 years old. Other times, when I wasn’t writing articles, I wrote lyrics of my favourite songs. [Yeah that’s what happens when you’re indoor most of the time or you move to a remotely deserted area for your high school education]. LOL

Anyways, as I grew up I kept these books. They were my personal library and day by day they increased. I was always writing. I had a nice penmanship; you wouldn’t blame me. So I had little or no problems forming notes when I got to high school because I enjoyed it. For most of the time I was captain, so I almost always succeeded in sprearheading note-making. LOL. Some of my mates took offence for that.

Before he graduated, my cousin [he was a couple of years ahead of me] always came to my class to give me his notes to write for him. I was a junior then, he was[is] my cousin, I didn’t have a choice.

Years down the line, I’m here; a budding writer with big dreams. I had no idea. A couple of weeks ago, I went through my old posts and came across my very first post. When I was done, I knew in my heart I was cut out for this. I was impressed with myself. There wasn’t so much difference; I have improved yeah but then with little or no experience of writing on a platform like this; I was proud of myself. Still am. [That doesn’t mean I’m gonna be complacent.]. Day in day out, I thrive to be a bigger and better writer. I take as many writing ”gigs” as possible just to express and improve. I read more and more. I take down new words, I write on the most random thing,I borrow themes here and there just because it feels good. I tell myself, I’m not just a random blogger, I’m a writer. There’s more to writing than blogging even though they are both interwined.

I’ve grown from keeping an anthology to owning a personal blog and I know that this is just the beginning.


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