For The Love Of Oldies

For The Love Of Oldies

I have a fetish for old magazines.

Yep! Not recent ones although I don’t mind flipping through them. Just give me 5 old mags and you’ll make my day. And by old I mean 21st century-old ones. I derive pleasure in reading each article at a time especially when I’m not crippled with school work.

Growing up, I had a scrapbook; a couple of I think. There was a time I went to my aunt’s house to raid almost all the old mags. From Hello to Us to People. I had a box filled with them. I left her house with the promise that I’d return them unshredded. Sigh. SMH. If only she knew my plans for them. After contemplating for a couple of years, yeah years, I finally got to work; cutting, pasting and whatnot.

Other times when visiting family or friends, the first thing I look out for is their magazine/newspaper rack. Yep! Take note incase I come visiting. LOL. Once I get hold of them,it’s either I borrow them or totally ignore you and drown myself in them until I’m done. Often times, my host prefers the former.

The thing is there’s always that thirst for knowledge anywhere I go. Apart for the fact that I need to read far and wide to hone my skills, I feel there’s a need to be versatile so as to keep the conversation going and oldies just do it for me. I feel I can connect to a world that was once sane. Besides it’s fun too! 😉 and because of that I know a little too much junk that I shouldn’t bother myself with. Being as meticulous as I am there are certain things that go unnoticed like Oprah’s middle name and Michael Jackson’s hometown. LOL.

Always and Forever [Inspired by One Tree Hill]


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