For Ola.

It’s Ola’s birthday today.

It just occurred to me that I’ve never actually written about him in details. So in the spirit of appreciation and eulogies, here goes.

Ola and I go wayy back. Okay not that long. We met in senior high school and kicked off from there. I clearly remember the very first in-depth conversation we had. When we were done, I knew he was gonna be around for a very long time and by God’s grace we’re still here today even though I haven’t seen him in almost 9 months [totally my fault and a little of his] and I miss him terribly.

You know that one male friend that sticks through thick and thin? That believes and supports you a 110%? That just values true friendships and gives out of goodwill expecting nothing in return? That doesn’t stare at you lustfully because you can goof around, play pranks and throw jabs at each other? Yeah. That’s him.

Free-spirited, great listener, amazing friend with a heart of gold, I don’t think I would have asked for more. He literally digs and brings out the ”razzness” in me. Fun to be with with this crazy roaring laughter. And you know the sweetest thing? Because of his really huge structure and my rather petite one, anytime he sees me, in an attempt to hug and not totally bend he ends up carrying me almost flinging me up in the air. Yes I’m light-weight like that. [I can’t believe I’m saying this but as embarrassing as it sounds I sort of always look forward to it.].

My friendship with Ola is one of the few things I hold dear to my heart and as he starts a new year, I pray and hope he gets all the things he desires and wishes for himself and much more. Cheers to more years!

Happy Birthday Olaoluwa Olatunbode
God bless you! :*:*:*

Meanwhile, I can’t believe we don’t have a selfie together! 😮 😮 🙁


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