It just occurred to me that I never really talked about the time Lola Akinmade Akestrom dropped a comment on a post I wrote about her and the subsequent effects it had on me.(NatGeoTravel anyone?)

I think it’s safe to say that I’m still basking in the euphoria that came with that single kind gesture.


I need to explain how huge this is.

In a few years time, I plan to travel the world and earn a living as a travel writer and photographer. So help me God. Lola is someone who has successfully treaded that path (still is) and built a family(read marriage and children) while at it. She has literally paved the way for people like me and then just when I was still ruminating on the idea, she comes around and drops ten words!!!

An assurance of sorts.

I think I went to heaven and came back.

This is all that I needed.

Those words actually mean;

Ebun, go right ahead!
You can totally do it!

Your dreams are valid.

As always, there was no one to share the depth of excitement with so I kept it where it won’t be corrupted. Anytime I need some sort of reminder of my stance or encouragement, I just go back to it and then all the emotions come gushing back.

Yes, it is that serious.

Meanwhile, Lola just had a baby boy!! Super super excited for her and I hope he also gets to travel as much or even more than his sister did. 💋💋

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