Fitness anyone?

Hey guys!

So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I wanna switch things up a bit as regards my overall lifestyle.

Work-out routine anyone? Yes? No?

Yeah I know it’s gradually becoming a norm this days. Gym owners are gradually reaping the fruits of their labour. All the years of waiting endlessly for customers have finally paid off. Now I’m not saying I wanna join the bandwagon just because. I just think it’s of absolute importance to keep fit. I wasn’t paying so much attention in Biology class but I know exercise is as important as feeding. Something about metabolism and heart rates. Due to our lifestyle here in Nigeria, we’re used to certain habits that not very healthy. There weren’t as much fitness junkies as they are this days. We are used to eating heavy swallows after 10pm only to bounce back to bed 30 mins later without proper digestion. We have no issues with obesity. It was totally fine. Regular exercise wasn’t even close to our routine.

Now I’m not overweight or obese, I’m totally proportional to my height so I have absolutely no problem in that area. The issue here is fitness. Now in the spirit of revolutions, natural hair is gradually finding it’s feet on here and work-outs are following closely behind or vice versa which ever one it is.

So I’m gonna start with the basics. I’m not really ready to throw any money to any gym. As a DIY junkie, first and foremost, I’m gonna try out a routine myself and if I’m successful enough to get results, then that would be awesome.

1. Walking
I have no problem walking long distances. Not jogging or running but walking whilst been serenaded by some worship songs.

2. Jumping rope
I can’t believe there isn’t anyone in my house atm. SMH. Anyways I’m gonna get one. That to me is like the easiest form of exercise. [ Yes, I’m lazy like that *rme]

This is what I’m gonna be dealing with for now. Push-ups and the rest will come up later on. I’m not trying to get abs. I need to try something I’m comfortable and enthusiastic about. Besides that, I need to incorporate workouts into my daily routine. I’m gonna have kids soon. I need to be able to get back in shape after delivery.

As for foods and whatnot, I also have no issues with that. I try to eat right and avoid junk food as much as possible. Fruits and veggies are a no-brainer. I’ve gradually been able to substitute Gala which I’m also losing interest in for apples. The only ones left are cookies and coke. The good news is my coke addiction is surprisingly wearing out like I’ve had only 1-2 bottles this past week which in my books is a good thing. My cookies obsession is sorta occasional so that can be dealt with. What else? At this point I’m really happy, I’m not a foodie. I’m like the only person that gets irritated by food. Yes. Totally weird. I absolutely hate spicy and overly sweet foods. No, I’m not preggers. I need the pH level to be alkaline and other times balanced. In my books, food is overrated. I dunno, maybe it has to do with my lack of ”exposure”. I haven’t travelled wide enough to judge. I’ve only been fed via books and movies. Whatever the case is, I’m hoping this changes soon or not?

Anyways guys wish me luck!


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15 thoughts on “Fitness anyone?”

  1. Dancing should make a nice addition to this list. No? Clearly, it would include the music from number 1, and there’s nothing in the way of jumping too while at it.

  2. at some point, I was a coke addict. And then I wasn’t. But now I’m back on coke…. It’s like drugs, you’ll relapse if you’re not all cautious…. I’m thinking; Check yourself into Rehab…lol
    Nd its cool being fit. Cheers

  3. nice blog you have got here, first time visiting, i can relate so much to been addicted to coke and la casera its was so bad that i could finish 2 big bottles at a sitting. like you said rightly its all about being fit. very nice write-up.

  4. lol.i like how you chose to go for the convenient options, skipping?lol..its cool sha, i guess anything that get your heart rate a lil higher should do for a start..btw i think u have a really nice blog here and might i add a beautiful smile too,*winks*..xox

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