It’s me again
Yeah i know
I miss you too
I’m sorry about the way we left things
You have no idea how much i had to endure
Cos it killed me to see you suffer so much
But i’m here now
And that’s all that matters

Remember what we said last summer
Yeah i do
How could i ever forget?
Those dreams keep lingering in my head
Waiting patiently to be kicked into reality

Remember what we said about buying that house by the beach
Yeah i can’t wait
With Taylor and Nathan playing around the house with seashells and building sandcastles

Remember how we built tents and made campfires
Singing, dancing and playing the guitar along

Remember how we stayed up late to watch the shooting star
The sight was one to behold

Remember how we finally came around to make BBQ
And how it was almost ruined with a slight accident

Remember how we played hide-and-seek and buried ourselves in the sand
We didn’t care so much because it was all about us.
Oh! How could i ever forget?

Remember how we sat on the porch to watch the sunset
Letting out our hearts and planning for the future

Remember when we went Jet skiing just for fun
The waves made me so jumpy
But i didn’t mind
As long as you were with me

I couldn’t help but run back into your arms
Because i couldn’t afford to miss this life with you
Only if you’d take me back….

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15 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I’m enjoying your new love for poetry and I can totally relate to it (With You was WOW) but I hope the lines of these poet is not you stuck in yesterday (just checking) if NO, then you are doing well

  2. Keep dreaming babe
    Just keep some part of the brain for the thinking part
    and the negotiating part, it still gets practical after all.

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