‘Divine Wisdom’

‘Divine Wisdom’

So Church was awesome today!

I happen to attend an AMAZING parish, it’s never a dull moment. There’s always something new every sunday. I’m always blessed I dunno about anyone else. So i have decided to share the Word so that you might as well be blessed and learn one or two things. I try to summarize my notes so that there’s a level of understanding.

So today was just wonderful. The Praise and Worship session was just marvellous. I’m always excited in the presence of God especially when it’s time to worship. I just love to worship God. I feel better connected to God you know. I could pour my heart out through songs. And @ the end, i feel relieved and fulfilled. Worshipping God cannot be over-emphasised.

So let’s get down to business.
Today’s sermon was particularly deep for me. It wasn’t a regular sermon. It touched me and i’m soo grateful for the priviledge to have heard it.
Pastor Bade spoke on ‘Divine Wisdom’. At first i thought it was just the regular sermon we are used to hearing until she started. I mean ive heard different interpretations but her’s kinda stood out.

1. Wisdom is knowing much more beyond the ordinary. Proverbs 3v19.
2. We need wisdom to live on earth because the very foundation of the earth was founded on wisdom.
3. The essence of our existence is to live in wisdom and righteousness.
4. When one has wisdom, he/she will understand that he is a traveller here on earth. He won’t dwell on the physical but on the spiritual. He will exalt spiritual wisdom.
5. There is wordly wisdom and spiritual/divine wisdom. The former can be gotten on earth via worldly things while the latter can only be gotten from God.
6. We need divine wisdom to live by and it can only be found with God. Job 28 v 12-28
7. Man doesn’t know the value of wisdom that’s why he doesn’t have it.
8. God searched out wisdom. He alone knows the place of wisdom. When he found it He said ”Behold, the fear of the Lord is wisdom and to depart from evil is understanding”.
9. Wisdom is priceless and scarce.
10. With wisdom, you will praise God for everything e.g excretion. We won’t take things for granted. We will appreciate little things.
11. Examples of people that had wisdom in the Bible are Joseph,Elijah and Job.
12. Our problems shouldn’t be exalted over God.
13. No matter the problem or situation, you need wisdom to overcome it. Wisdom lets us know our problems don’t last forever.
14. With wisdom we won’t judge our fellow brothers instead we should ask God to judge us. This to Him is a sincere prayer.
God gives us wisdom when we seek it by;
1. Reading/Studying His Word.
With this, we are bound to receive wisdom. Psalm 119 v 97-104. When you get revelations from the Word of God,you are acquiring wisdom.
2. Listening to the Word of God.
Wisdom tells us we need to pray for ourselves by ourselves.
3. Praying and asking for wisdom.
James 1v5-6. When asking God for wisdom don’t doubt but believe.
When you have wisdom. U’ll work in light and not darkness. You will be able to see the past and the future i.e see things before they happen. You will be a problem solver. People will begin to gravitate towards you thereby helping them in the church and the society at large.

I hope you learnt a few things today and in one way or the order are blessed??
I’m glad you did. 🙂 🙂

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