Diary of A Recluse.


So I was @ Dunni’s house party yesterday. After all the munching and drinking,thankfully there was an absence of alcohol, we all sat down to watch Trace in the absence of a DJ.(Thankfully again because I don’t know how to dance to club songs). The TV doubled as a speaker. Gosh I couldn’t stand the noise and the meaningless songs playing. I had to just manage as I began to plan my escape strategy. In the mean time. I turned to Twitter for solace. The football bants didn’t help much. Towards the end I think I ate something that upset my stomach as it began to give signals. Well, Dunni and her other friends were by one side giggling and jumping when there favourite song came up. My humble self was by another corner writing this post.


Story of my life.

One of the reasons why I’d rather stay home than attend a function.

I don’t dance

I don’t drink alcohol

I get bored very easily

Why then would I leave the comfort of my home only to get there and become a recluse simply because I can’t get along?


Always and Forever

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