Deitrick Haddon – Heaven Knows

Deitrick Haddon – Heaven Knows

This song is one of my favorite and i believe one of his best songs. A very simple,AMAZING and POWERFUL¬† song that explains the happenings in the world today. It’s also a song of encouragement you know. It lets us know that Heaven is fully aware of everything and we need not worry because God is in control and He aint true with us yet. I hope it gets to you like it got to me.

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2 thoughts on “Deitrick Haddon – Heaven Knows

  1. Not bad at all. The lyrics is straight to the point. The simple but plain truth. It’s just that we don’t avert our minds to the things that are necessary and important. I like the part he said ‘they might not play this on the radio cos the devil doesn’t wanna lose’. That’s the true state of things. So many songs on the airwave yet most do not edify God. Heaven knows our pains and all that we yearn and crave for but the real question is ‘Are we ready to do what heaven wants from/of us?’. May God help us all.

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