#DearFuturePartner Take Note!

#DearFuturePartner Take Note!

How y’all doing?!

I’m one of the ‘very few’ people that still believe relationships should be fun. And by that i mean hanging out either at the movies, a concert, a romantic night-out or just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company or better still staying home and just talk! Yeah totally possible. These days young people are more bothered about the number of ladies they’ve slept with and vice versa. I believe relationships should be about getting to know people, building friendships that will last forever, commitments, taking responsibilty for another person’s well being and just having fun. I dunno. Maybe people aren’t exposed enough or are just plain lazy. Or what could the problem be?!

Anyways i’m here to give y’all a couple of tips that may seem not so important but goes a long wayy in improving relationships. I’m not a Subject Matter Expert(SME).These are culled from various sources. I hope you learn a thing or two.

1. Hold hands while walking together. It gives a woman a sense of belonging and to men a message you aren’t afraid of showing the world.
2. Execute a vacation or an outing you guys have been talking about. This will reassure your partner of your commitment level.
3. Take up a sport together. It will keep you fit and bind you two in team spirit.
4. Gifts need not to be expensive all the time. Sometimes tiny little things can show you were thinking of your partner even on outing with besties.
5. It does get difficult to handle those split personalities of guys. Macho from outside and tender from within but it’s what you’re best at.
6. A great way of spending time together is dancing. It will improve the chemistry between you two besides keeping you fit and it’s fun too.
7. Photos are the best way to cage memories. So induge in something as interesting as photography. Choose a theme and go for it.
8. Ask questions like; who’s your best friend?, what’s your childhood ambition? What scares you most? To know their innermost feelings.
9. Beauty sleep before a date is a must. You don’t want to dose off while watching a movie or feel uncomfortable about those dark eye circles.
10. For some, relationships are all they have. You might be dating someone like that. Try not to hurt them with too much indifference.
11. Purchase a small locket with a picture of you and your partner on each side.
12. Stop worrying about tomorrow. Instead live every moment together. Live in right now!
13. To leave a lasting impression on your love interest, just be comfortable and be yourself.
14. Whispering draws attention. When your partner is too busy to listen to you,use this trick.
15. A gentle head/shoulder/foot massage to your partner can do wonders to your relationship. Try it.

LOL. Chessy innit?!
I hope someone was inspired
Watch out for Series II.

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