#DearFuturePartner Take Note III

#DearFuturePartner Take Note III

Yo! How y’all doing?! 🙂

I bring you once again for the last time the final part of this series. Ok, so let’s get started.

1. Change one bad habit that negatively affects your relationship. It need not be extreme. Small positive changes can have a big impact.
2. Boys, all that a girl wants is an assurance that you’ll always take care of her and do anything for her happiness.
3. Bad manners aren’t attractive. Turn up on time for a date,put your phone on silent and do say a thank you for a wonderful time before leaving.
4. Go down on your knees and tell him you can’t live without him. No not with a ring ofcourse, just to make him feel special. LOL.
5. He wants to be the one who makes you smile or laugh so laugh at any attempt of humour. He’ll be very glad.
6. Notice everything about your partner,look for the great things,keep your mind filled with fabulous traits and characteristics.
7. Not only compliment her but say nice things to people around her. This will show your positive side to her.
8. Look into the eyes of your partner with deep interest. Look for a lengthy eye contact during conversations. He will get the hint that you like him; that’s if you do anyway.
9. Look for signs like frequent blinking and fluttering eyelashes to know you’re heading in the right direction. She likes you back. LOOOOL.
10. Let out the real you. Don’t try being a person you think your date will like. Afterall you don’t want him to fall for the false version.
11. Keep the 1st date short and simple, so that if you don’t like each other you won’t have to go through a seven-course meal together.
12. Just understand that not every date idea will work for everyone. Before planning some kind of outdoor date make sure she’s the outdoor type.
13. Just as important as asking questions is how you listen to your date. Listening skills are more than just waiting for your turn to talk.
14. In the age of emails and social networks, a love letter is a rarity. So put forward your feelings elegantly through written words and seal with a kiss.

*Phew! Really after all these, my point is you can actually have a relationship and at the same time have a swell time without sex. Yes! By the time you both sit down,put heads together and make plans for like let say a year you won’t even have time to think about it. The fun will be so exciting and overwhelming. You’ll be looking forward to a lot of things and time you’ll spend together. Really! Young people y’all need to be more creative and i know you are y’all are just LAZY! Yes! If you have a tight schedule just squeeze out time for your partner and just TALK. I promise you it will go a long way in improving your relationship and if you can’t just stay away. There’s no crime in being single. You don’t have to join the bandwagon. Really!

Alright y’all my work here is done.

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