#DearFuturePartner Take Note II

Hiya Good People.

I’m here again with the second part of this series. I hope you enjoyed the previous one. Some might think it’s stressful and unnecessary buh really how far are you willing to go for your partner?! Are you willing to go the extra mile and do things you ordinarily wouldn’t do?! Anyways that’s for y’all to ponder on.
Moving on,before i continue i will like to say as a matter of fact that i’m single(and not searching) atm and if perchance the right person comes along, i won’t hesitate to try out a couple of tips i’m dishing out. So for the record i’m writing this for myself and others as well.

Okay! Let’s get down to business.
1. The thumb rule for a happy relationship is to treat others the way you wish to be treated.
2. Laugh on your problems together. This will give you time to relax and prepare the solutions.
3. Make sure you smell nice. Ladies like guys who smell nice and vice versa.
4. Say those golden words when your partner expects them the least. You’ll make their day.
5. Everyone has their own struggles and every relationship has its own challenges. Stop comparing.
6. Let your partner win the arguments and fights. Give in happily and see what it does to your relationship.
7. Remember the time you guys started dating and recreate that magic by doing all those things again.
8. If you partner is too shy to give you a hug when you’re leaving, say; ‘Can i have a hug?’ and make it a rule.
9. You must have heard that the way through a guy’s heart is through his stomach. It’s equally true for ladies as well.
10. Take charge of your realtionship every once in a while. Do things for him instead. Guys like to be pampered.
11. Surprise her with a date in the middle of the day and you’ll be surprised how lively the conversation can become.
12. It’s a proven fact that guys want girls who are nice to them. So be kind to them and smile when they are around.
13. Don’t try to dig into his past to understand what kind of person he is. Decide on him by the way he makes you feel.
14. Don’t let your dating turn your budget upside down. Check out some affordable yet cool places to spend time together.
15. Don’t get too dependent on your partner that will make him/her feel trapped. Try to keep a healthy balance between you too.
16. A good date is what allows two of you to talk buh at the same time takes the focus off you so you don’t feel under pressure.
17. Getting that bracelet or jacket she’s been eyeing is a great way to show you actually listen to her when she speaks.

Alrite y’all my work here is done.
See ya next time for the final part of this series.


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