Dear Mother

Hiya Good People.

I’ve had the most awkward sunday ever! *phew. I was so uncomfortable in church and have been in a foul mood ever since. Feranmi’s fault. 😐 Shoutout to Dunni for coming over to cheer me up.
Apparently it’s Mother’s day today again! We’ve had like how many this year?! And there are still more to come. The world really needs to make up her mind and pick a date instead of messing with our heads. Smh.
Moving on. I realised i hadn’t written anything on my mother previously. Well, i’ve decided to today.

My mother and i haven’t had a rosy relationship despite the fact that i’m her first and only daughter. We’re supposed to have a special magical mother-daughter bond right?! Ours is different. I have two brothers behind me nine years difference between them. Before the birth of my kid brother,it had always been my brother & I plus my MIA half-sister. Because i was older my mother had always thought i could fend for myself so she payed ‘more special’ attention to my brothers. Honestly, i couldn’t be more bothered. Well, i grew up like that and like i said earlier,i wasn’t anyone’s pet. I was alone. Still am.
Because of the kind of person she was we didn’t always agree even till now. I always wanted to have my way once my mind was made up. This always caused the fight. I was tagged stubborn and rebellious. Only if they knew i didn’t care. I was never bothered about what they;my parents thought about me. I believed i couldn’t please them. Anyways back to my mother, our humpty-dumpty relationship continued until a couple of years ago after my high school. She tried to bond with me and support me in my chosen field of study. Fast forward years later, i won’t say we are were i want us to be buh at least we’re somewhere. We have a relationship no matter how small or distant. We aren’t at loggerheads(well,sometimes) buh she’s present,alive and active.

I’m really grateful for my mother especially with the kind of father i have. She’s been a pillar to us as a family both individually and collectively. Really i don’t think i still need to be complaining with all this. Spiritually,Financially name it,she’s been there. Even though she could be partial and bias with my brothers i’m still grateful and i hope and pray she lives well enough to reap the fruit of her labour. Amen.

Happy Mother’s Day.

2 thoughts on “Dear Mother”

  1. I love this piece ebun..as in i can relate with a lot of the things you penned down..major thumbs up for this..btw might i also add that i absolutely lovvve reading ur posts..*winks*xx

  2. Aww I love this piece ebun..as in I can relate with most of what you penned down..can I also add that I really lovve your posts.*winks*.xx

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