Danfo Vs BRT.

The trending topic today on twitter was on commercial public transport a.k.a Danfo. It was actually funny because some tweeps couldn’t bear the shame of their followers seeing them hop from one danfo to another. Quite hilarious. I was just at one corner there LOLing and LMAOOing which actually got me thinking of my own personal experiences.

I have been boarding danfos for as long as i can’t remember buh officially a couple of years ago after my high school. Before then, my mom used her driver to monitor me. I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere without an elderly person. I could understand. I was quite young. So i didn’t complain. I enjoyed the treatment. Fast forward a couple of years later, i moved back to Lagos and had to cater for myself. My dad wasn’t even bothered. He believed i could take care of myself. LOL. I was actually excited. I couldn’t wait to experience the real hustle and bustle of Lagos, the hopping from one Danfo or bike to another. Then i had to start school. I had to wake up early enough to beat traffic because of my early morning classes. I always stood by the busstop waiting for a bus to stop in front of me as i majestically entered. I never struggled. I wasn’t used to that life. If i saw a lot of people struggling or fighting for space in one bus i just stepped aside fully convinced another will come at the expense of my punctuality.

Meanwhile, the Bus Rapid Transport(BRT) was always there. I never even thought of it until maybe last year or so and a couple of times this year. The queues at the busstop always discouraged me because it was cheaper buh i didn’t mind the price. I wanted quick transportation. I didn’t want to wait in the busstop waiting for the next avaliable bus where i would be able to sit. I dreaded standing. Why all this stress when i could board the ever-moving danfo buses. They hardly stopped even when passengers had to get down. I learnt fast how to almost jump down from a moving vehicle. Smh. On the other hand the BRT would stop until everyone gets down. *sigh. How contradictory! I guess it goes with the territory.

Passengers in the BRT always tend to mind their business except they are accompanied. I trust Danfo! There’s always noise either between a passenger or another,the conductor and a passenger(s),the driver and the conductor or the driver and the conductor. It’s never a dull moment. The fights and cursing are always more hilarious. Not that i condone such. I’m always by the corner giggling. As a sure girl,i’m never involved and when i’m a victim(which i hardly am) the ever-supportive random strangers always cqme to my rescue. ^_^. Why will i not choose that over peace and quiet in the BRT buses when i’m not in my house. Smh.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against development. Anyone that knows me knows i’m a 21st century babe. I HATE STRESS. With all the level of technology in the world why will i still be washing clothes with my hands, when there is a portable washing machine or why will i be grinding pepper with a stone when there are blenders and food-processors. Really! Buh once in a while i always want to let out my inner Nigerian; buy boli & groundnut by the roadside or buy gala & lacasera in traffic or jump bikes from one place to another. Is that too much to ask?! Lemme board tubes or go by the subway when i get to England. *deep sigh. Let Lagos be Lagos.

Infact i’m vexed! I’m out! LOL.

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