There May Be Hope For Customer Service In Nigeria Afterall

There May Be Hope For Customer Service In Nigeria Afterall

Everyone knows customer service in Nigeria is nothing to write home about. In fact, with the uprise of startups and SMEs, more than ever before, customer service is at the forefront. But the way Nigerians are wired, we tend to be cynical especially when it concerns our means of livelihood. Once in a while, there are brands that attempt to break the status quo of complacency and anyhowness by offering good ol’ basic customer service. These brands deserve to be mentioned and appreciated.

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This month, I’ve experienced noteworthy customer service from two brands and I’ve decided to share my experience because feedback matters and Nigerians really do not give a hoot about constructive criticism. So, this is me trying do things differently.  Maybe, just maybe there is hope for Nigeria.

Anytime I patronize a relatively new brand – and they are popping out by the second especially in the natural hair industry –  I never hesitate to call them out when I’m dissatisfied when their product or service.

A while ago, I got some Nubian Roots Rhassoul Clay from Olori Online Store – my go-to store for products. Of course, I was so eager to use it but I was in for a huge disappointment. So much that I had to tweet about it.

Obviously, I was incredibly upset with my purchase because I had to spend the better part of my wash day picking out particles out of my hair. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I attended an event where Nubian Roots was a vendor. Fortunately for me, the owner was available so I dragged Ekene with me to table my complaints especially since their Twitter account was inactive so they probably hadn’t seen it. The owner carefully listened to me and apologized. She was also gracious enough to compensate me with any product of my choice. I couldn’t have been more impressed.

About a week ago, I visited a salon. The first time in three years. A natural hair salon for that matter. Of course, I went there with a lot of high expectations because Onaturals had a reputation to uphold. Lo and behold, I got the most unpleasant customer service I had ever gotten till date. It was so bad that I had to write a lengthy review immediately I got home.

I actually thought it was as a result of my stature because I couldn’t comprehend it. After making a complaint to a colleague of mine who also uses the salon on a regular, I got a phone call from the owner of Onaturals and we had a long and productive conversation from my complaints to suggestions, feedback and customer service in general. The phone call went from a follow up to a full-fledged discussion. I couldn’t be more pleased.

All of this probably look inconsequential in the grand scheme of things but I believe that if every emerging brand decides to take their customer service a bit more serious and not just the product or service, it will go a long way in fixing the already dysfunctional system.

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8 thoughts on “There May Be Hope For Customer Service In Nigeria Afterall

  1. Hi Ebun,

    Lol @ “Golden morn”

    Wonderful customer service always feels like ice-cream on a hot day to me. 🙂

    I’ve observed that with women, there are two areas where good customer service is always appreciated- Their custom made clothes and their hair.

    I remember when I used to embark on a commute that easily exceeded an hour, one way, simply because my excellent hair stylist was located in a side of town much farther from my home. She always made it worth my while.

    I’m so glad that your complaints about the salon were nicely resolved by the owner, I always see glowing reviews about O’Naturals.

  2. Are you saying dressing to the nines is a criteria for good service at Onaturals? Thanks for warning us in advance.

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