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I’m currently going through something called reader’s block. That’s what you get for reading 50 books in 6 months. Notwithstanding, I’m halfway through Pride and Prejudice and it’s taking me forever to finish it maybe because I’ve read it before so its not exactly exciting. The first time I read it was during IGCSEs under insane pressure and I don’t think I connected with it as much as I did now. There are certain books that needs to be re-read after a while. Anyways, I hope I can break out of this block soon because my Jane Austen readathon isn’t gonna read itself.

In the meantime, I’ve been watching a lot of movies – basically all of the movies I missed in the cinema and then some. Maybe that explains the block. Maybe not.

Blake looked flawless in this scene.

I thought Age of Adaline was a beautiful movie. I thought Blake Lively was brilliant. I haven’t really seen her outside the Gossip Girl shadows so this was entirely refreshing.

Avengers: Age of Ultron had me re-watching all of the original Marvel movies. So far, I’ve only been through Iron Man here and there and I’ll probably see Captain America next. I’ve absolutely no idea where the craving for Sci-Fi superhero movies came from.

Into The Woods was good. To be honest, I got bored after about half an hour so I turned it off. A few days later, I picked it up again and finished it. Decent storyline. I liked the merging of the various characters/stories into one big musical. It was good.

Apparently, Jupiter Ascending was a box office flop. I think it was pretty decent. I wasn’t expecting too much and I didn’t receive too much. It wasn’t quite it. Well, except Mila Kunis’ lashes for dayss!

I haven’t had time to see Boyhood. It’s such an incredibly long movie.

I still can’t believe I haven’t seen Entourage, Spy and Ted2. But that’s about to change. Hopefully the timing doesn’t mess with my feelings.

TV shows.
I haven’t followed any TV shows in a long time, since Glee actually so when Empire came my way, I binge watched it in two days. I can’t believe it either but I loved it.

It was fun, hilarious with lots of drama and spot on! I don’t think I have watched any other show that adequately portrays the black community. I thought it was brilliant except for the fact that only two people in the entire show wore their hair in its natural state. I was actually upset but let that slide because Jussie Smollett was doing things to me. Such a beautiful man. In my mind, the gay role was just part of the script. I was hoping he was straight so I didn’t google him until I was done with the entire season.

Yes! To a bearded Jussie!

Surprise, surprise.

But I can admire him. Can’t I? Best believe, I’m waiting for September 23rd.

I haven’t listened to (new) music in a long time but Empire came along and broke the jinx.

I’m currently jamming to

1. V. Bozeman – What is Love.
That song does things to me. I think her vocals are strong, powerful and amazing. And then, the simple lyrics… I literally can’t get the song out of my head.

2. Estelle & Jussie Smollett – Conqueror.
I have never really cared so much for pop music so I didn’t really notice Estelle’s voice but my oh my! And then Jussie, oh gadd! Divine! A beautiful man with an equally beautiful voice. Need I say more?

3. Jussie Smollett & Yazz – You’re So Beautiful.
Literally the newest anthem on the block. Such a catchy tune. I think I love it more because of Jussie’s voice but Yazz also does a decent job in the rap department.

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  1. I so want to see Adaline – the storyline seems intriguing and I think Blake Lively is very beautiful.

    Spy was funny – a lot of cursing though. Entourage was basically a prolonged episode.

    I also watched Empire in 2 days. My favorite songs are Keep Your Money, and Good Enough.

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