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 September Faves


September Faves

  • Biopics

There was a time in my life when I wouldn’t be caught watching anything other than romcoms and K-dramas. Now, I’m embracing biopics with both hands. So far, I’ve seen Pele, Jobs, Nina, Confirmation, Joy, Selma, The Walk, and counting. I figured if I can’t get around to reading some of these biographies, I could at least watch them and still get the whole idea.

  • Nik-Nak’s Voice Notes

The other time, I talked about my new favorite podcasts. Every other day, I discover new podcasts, the latest being Nik Nak’s Voice Notes. Nik Nak attempts to exalt the beauty in the mundane, the simple and intricately detailed. My fave episode so far is the latest one on the Faith Episode where a number of people share their faith journeys – leaving the faith, returning to it or having a crisis of faith. It’s so damn relatable.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar

During my last grocery shopping, the state of the economy finally hit me. I was about to buy my staple bottle of ACV when I noticed that the price had tripled. (Side-eye to Spar though whose prices had doubled in advance). I was so sad that I had to settle for a cheaper brand which I still had to dispose of because it turned out to be apple juice. I use ACV for everything and I literally cannot do without it. This is me taking time out to appreciate its existence.

  • Wilson’s Lemonade


During my last Graphics Design training, I had Wilson’s every day for the entire duration. Yes, for a week. I didn’t know what came upon me. All I knew was I had been slacking on Wilson’s plus it was incredibly cheap. No, I didn’t get tired of it because I made sure I took just the right quantity all through.

I recently attended a Writer’s workshop which turned out to be completely underwhelming and a waste of money asides the small chops maybe  and for the first time in a long time, I appreciated the Internet in its entirety. I also realized some of the things I had taken for granted over time including the Writers in Charge website. This is basically a Freelance Writer’s hub for everything about the business. This month, I found myself going back to it and I’m SO glad I did.

  • NITC16 TVC News

During NITC16 last month, TVC News surprised us. They had seen our flyer and planned to cover the natural hair segment of NITC. Fortunately or unfortunately, NITC has evolved into a healthy lifestyle meetup so they had to wait a while. In the meantime, they interviewed a couple of us, myself included.

I think I was rambling something about my hair routine here. Btw, as a fast-talker, I’ve come to despise interviews and videos. I always end up stuttering and saying unintelligible things.

Also, the official photos have been posted on

  • Kemi Lewis Photoshoot

During NITC16, natural hair stylist extraordinaire Kemi Lewis swung by and casually mentioned that she needed models for an upcoming photoshoot session. I did not know when I volunteered myself. Before I knew it, she was getting my details and we were making plans. I had so much fun that day and I cannot wait to share my experience when the official photos are out. Meanwhile, some selfies and BTS.

  • Bad moms


I saw Bad Moms last week and it made me realize how challenging motherhood is. It’s both the scariest and bravest thing any women could go through and there’s no right formula to it. You just need to find out what works for you and strike a balance else you’d literally lose your mind.This is also why it s important to have a career or cause you’re passionate about to maintain your sanity.

  • Big Trouble – Dave Barry

I didn’t read that many books in September because I was really occupied but I stole a moment to read Dave Barry’s Big Trouble in one sitting. It left me in stitches. I mean, it is the most hilarious book I’ve read since the Stephanie Plum series. Best thing? It is Dave’s first work as a columnist/humorist cum novelist. I have a thing for non-fiction writers who have transitioned into fiction writers. Elizabeth Gilbert. Junot Diaz. I feel like they have set the pace for me whenever I’m ready write a work of fiction.

August Faves

I haven’t shared my favorite things in so long. Usually, I wait until they are a substantial amount before writing them down. But now, I’m ready.

  • Books 

Janet Evanovich‘ Stephanie Plum Series


I’ve been reading a bit too much crime fiction lately. Sometimes, they get real intense that you just need a witty line or more to contain the heat. I had read Janet Evanovich before now and she wasn’t half bad so I didn’t hesitate to pick her up once again. This time, I was in for a major surprise. The Stephanie Plum series are 22-full length novels and I stumbled on the 9th. First of all, can I just say it’s incredibly addictive? I’m currently on the 11th novel and I have no plan of stopping. They’re a tie between chic-lit and crime fiction and they serve me just the way I like them – humourous, witty and fast-paced.

Elmore Leonard

Elmore is also another crime writer I absolutely cannot get enough of. Just like Janet, he makes crime fiction totally appealing. I’m currently on my third novel.


  • Others


I jumped on podcasts by accident and I haven’t been able to stop. I’m currently bingeing on Elizabeth Gilbert‘s Magic Lessons but I follow a couple of interesting Nigerians on Soundcloud.  I’ve also been having ideas of a podcast. Question is, what would I talk about?

Listen to the first episode of Magic Lessons here;


Instagram stories

I’m currently phoneless at the moment but I’ve been enjoying the thrill and duration of Instagram stories from my tablet. I love how I do not have to worry about aesthetics or editing or curation. I also love the spontaneity as it allows me to share bits and pieces of my daily life. I’m forced to look outwards and find beauty in my environment rather than my facial expressions.


As a content writer, one of my biggest challenges is aggregating my sources. For a while now, I’ve been jumping from one tool to another and so far, Protopage has been a staple. It is worth mentioning.


I’m quite indifferent to a lot of things. Most subjects actually. From politics to economics and sports. TheSkimm has changed all of that. Every morning, I receive bit- sized news in my inbox. Everything that is going on in the world. More efficient than Twitter and CNN. No jokes! I mean that is the only way I’ve been able to follow the Olympics and US Elections. Also, it’s millennial – friendly.

Techcabal Daily Digest

Just like TheSkimm keeps me up to date on world issues, Techcabal daily digests keep me informed on the tech scene in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. For the longest time, I kept denying and withdrawing from anything that had to do with tech and its technicalities. My excuse? Too geeky. But now, Techcabal has fixed all that. I mean, if you’re working in an industry, the least you can do is to be informed else you’ll be left behind.

Quartz Africa Daily Digest

Similarly, Quartz Africa keeps me informed on the most important news on politics and economics. I love how concise and easily digestible their articles are. When I’m ready to move to the next level in my career, I’ll probably start from there.

  • These lovely photos of me at NITC 15. Check out the new website –


  • Finally, my newsletter.

I’ve been sharing a lot of things with my subscribers. Those things I would rather not talk about but need to be addressed and it’s been fun. You can sign up here.

March Faves

This is somewhat weird because I barely listen to music. But in the month of March, I found myself going back to my Deezer playlist almost every night. This, of course came with the best recommendations.
So, in no particular order;


1. The Expression – Gloweeyah Braimah.
I used to have an issue with the spelling of her name but then for some reasons, I got drawn to her album – probably because of the dash of K-Pop (I watch wayy too much K dramas) here and there – and it’s been on repeat since then. My faves are Miracle Worker (Duh!) and God Alone.

2. Colours Of Africa – Sonnie Badu
The first time I heard Sonnie Badu at the Experience, I knew I had to look for his album. Sonnie is the ultimate worshipper and this album ministered to me in every possible way!

3. The Son Of God – Nathaniel Bassey
Worship never felt so good!

I didn’t read that many books in March because, exams but I found a way to squeeze in a few chapters everyday.

1. The Lover – Margaurite Duras
Ugh! This was such a short and disturbing book. The worst thing? It’s actually an autobiographical novel which of course is based on the author ‘s life – a 12yo and her clandestine romance with an older, wealthy Chinese man. Paedophile much?

2. Sentimental Education – Gustave Flaubert
This is one of the most popular French classics but for some reasons because of the length of the book, I kept dropping and picking it up so much that it wasn’t coherent anymore so I finally dumped it. I might pick it up some other time.

3. The Zebra – Alexander Jardin
This is possibly one of the best books I’ve read in recent times. You know how there are no perfect stories and there’s something always wrong the plot or characters or just the general direction of the story? This was perfect and poignant and brilliant! Yes, it was an amazing story but the translation was everything!



1. Miracles From Heaven
I usually don’t cry when watching movies or reading books no matter how deep, moving or just emotional it is. But this time, it’s didn’t know when I started weeping from nowhere. This was such an important movie. About losing faith, miracles and how God allows us go through certain crisis to make us stronger. Coincidentally, I finished one Bible plan on this and I’ve been searching for it again. When I find, I talk about it at length. The best thing about it is that it’s based on a true life story. I loved how the actual family was featured at the end.

2. Deadpool
I saw Deadpool for the second time with friends and it was funny as hell. I felt like I could withstand some of the scenes and get some more references than the first time.

Other Faves.

1. My mini pyrex.


I’ve started buying (measuring) tools. All this time, I got by by simply improvising and basically just eyeballing measurements. But this is a step in the right direction. Just because it isn’t on a large scale doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do things right. So, here’s to new tools and improved formulations.

2. This Introductory course on herbalism. I really want to take this course as well as that of Formula Botanica but the way the exchange rate is set up, I might have to wait until it stabilises. I really can’t wait to be a Certified Organic and Herbal Skincare Formulator. There’s so much to learn and there’s a limit to what I can do on my own. These courses might just be the answer.

3. Highbrow
Someone said something about Highbrow on my timeline the other day and I had to check it out. Well, I’m glad I did. Highbrow lets you learn about a variety of subjects at a time for just five minutes a day. Amazing right? Concise and straight to the point. I just finished Business: SEO Fundamentals just because and I’m currently on Health: How The Body Works. Not like I didn’t know or anything. I just like to be more aware of these things.

4. This photos of me taken at NITC14


Apart from the obvious filter, this first photo just proves that all of the hours and data spent on YouTube to fix my makeup isn’t a waste. A mean I manned the registration stand and I kept getting compliments. Which means I’m doing something right. Apart from the fact that it’s eating deep into my budget – good makeup is frigging expensive – I’m having a swell time unlearning and relearning. The second photo is gold! Bigups to Isioma!

Here’s to a more eventful April!

January Faves


I’ll have a more comprehensive list of January reads later on but my favorites so far are Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (can’t wait for the movie) – that book as well many others were read in 12 hours in my jammies. That’s how intense and captivating they were. Followed closely by The Choice by Nicholas Sparks, And The Mountains Echoed by Klahed Hosseini and finished up with The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I’ve had an awesome reading reading month if you ask me and it has set the tone of my reading year very nicely.


I really hate going to the movies during the holidays so I kept postponing and postponing plus the timing wasn’t even right. But I managed to see Sisters which left me in stitches. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are friendship goals! Looking forward to watching Ride Along 2 and Creed next week. Also, the lineup of movies this year starting with Deadpool in February is INSANE! I can’t wait!

TV Shows
So, Suits has returned as well as Jane The Virgin, Supergirl and The Flash. I’m looking forward to a brand new season. For some reasons, I couldn’t watch past the first episode of Jessica Jones which I deleted immediately. Also, the pilot episodes of Billions and Shades of Blue are occupying space until I can bring myself to actually watch them.

It’s no news that I don’t care much for music which explains why I’ve had this current playlist on repeat all month.

Casting Crowns – Thrive
Jessie J – Flashlight
Jessie J –  Masterpiece

Yep! Just those three songs with occasional bouts of the Annie OST album.

Other Faves.


1. Shift dresses and pants
I’m not particularly fashion forward and I absolutely love to be comfy in my outfits. It doesn’t really help that I’m not tall so a lot of current trends are at my disadvantage. Enter Shift Dresses And Ankara Pants. My wardrobe is currently going through a minor revamp. I’m coming into my personal style and adding and subtracting pieces. No, I’m not documenting anything. The number of personal style bloggers currently on the internet irks me. I’m not about to be part of them. At the moment, I prefer loosely fitted pants (clothes generally) to jeans and shift dresses and skirts to any other outfit. I’m not trying to flaunt anything. My comfort is more important to me than anything. So, you’ll catch me on the streets of Lagos in those. I promise, I have other outfits and I’m not trying to be a hipster.


2. Nude Lipsticks.
I currently own six nude lipsticks. Don’t ask how. I don’t know myself. Even though, I’m not clueless as makeup, I could not for the life of me figure out how to wear a nude lipstick until Queen pointed it out to me. Hello, dark lip liners! Turns out, I can’t stop wearing them. It’s everything and more you need to perfect that no – makeup look. I’m also glad I can leave my house without makeup without feeling overly self – conscious. I really don’t care.

3. Cravings
It’s fasting month which also means a spike in my cravings. I’ve almost spent all my income on food. It’s insane really. From ChikWizz to Ice Cream, Cakes, Small chops and whatnot from one extreme to another. This is not me, I promise. Anytime, I see a banner with food, I literally have to restrain myself. Sigh. It is well.

4. Lime water and Flavoured Green Tea
In the midst of my cravings, it’s only right to get my fluids right.

5. Manish Dayal
How could I ever forget this adorable and gorgeous hunk of man? Okay, so I saw Hundred Foot Journey a few weeks ago and I couldn’t stop crushing on Manish. In fact, he has temporarily displaced all my celebrity crushes at the moment.




I mean, look at that!

Of course I followed him on IG.

Sigh. *swoon*.


Ten Things

1. I have two minor papers left which means exams are over…technically. I literally struggled the whole time as I had to meet up my daily quota over at Cosmo. I finally got a hold of it towards the end but it was a tad late. Thank God for understanding editors. This is probably the most non-chalant exam I’ve written in recent times. It just needed to be over and done with.

2. The amount of junk food I’ve eaten in the past month is incredible.

3. I have a problem with people that spell their names in retardese. Two years ago, during the annual Experience concert, there was a new female ministering. Apparently, she’s one of the music ministers which emerged from the House On The Rock Church. The first thing that stuck me about this weave-flipping lady was the spelling of her name which was obviously printed in the program – Gloweeyah Braimah. This irked me to a large extent because I believe a learned woman shouldn’t spell her name like that and for that I didn’t take her any serious. Last week, she released her album and there was a lot of noise on social media which reflected on my Instagram. I have no idea why. I don’t follow her. Apparently, Tuke Morgan performed at her concert. Long story short, I passed a comment on her promotional post which she later deleted. (I know. I checked) Usually, I wouldn’t have said anything but my eyes were sore from the numerous posts. Anyways, my point is don’t spell your name is retardese – yes that’s what it’s called. It speaks highly of you and it’s not very pretty. If the lady simply went by Gloria Braimah, I probably would have taken more interest in her.

4. I’ve gone makeup-free for the most of this month. From the movies to the exam centres, banks and whatnot. I almost went to Church without makeup until I stopped myself. It’s just so convenient to tone my face, apply Aloe Vera Gel and Maybelline Baby Lips – which is totally overrated btw and jet out of the house with my marley twists. Super convenient. Plus, my face is in a pretty decent place so I’m pretty confident in it except that it takes a bit of getting used to. Well, except when you bump into your crush.

5. I’ve had a crush on Nnamdi since my first year – still do. Sweet. Charming. Complete Gentleman. Hot. Beard gang. I always look forward to seeing him anytime I go to school. Yeah, he’s an IT staff. In fact, sometimes, I intentionally find something to do in his office especially if I don’t stumble into him in the hallways. Plus he’s exceptionally nice to me. I like to appreciate nice people. Anyways, last week during my exams, he came and coincidentally, I bumped into him. Apparently, he was posted to my exam centre. My heart skipped a beat. I was in a skater skirt, flip-flops, messy bun with zero makeup. Fortunately, my conversation with the head of my department was enough distraction. I didn’t have to stop to talk to him although he tried playing pranks with me and succeeded. Multitasking at its best.

6. I’ve been reading a number of individual newsletters from Ibukun to Afoma and Festus. I didn’t realise I had subscribed until I got my first notification. A few months ago, I decided to try my hands on newsletters – one of the key internet skill for freelancers. It proved a tad difficult initially but I got a hang of it afterwards until I thought of my non-existent audience. If there’s one thing I suck at, it’s Social Media Marketing. It’s totally foreign territory as I don’t like to impose things on others and vice versa. In the meantime, I’m enjoying these other newsletters and taking notes.

7. So, I’m currently following the second season of Empire even though it’s underwhelming and everyone thinks it’s a mess and should be stopped. I enjoy it nonetheless because it helps me relax and take my mind off things for a while. I’m considering taking up Jane The Virgin and Suits Season 5.

Update: I binge – watched the entire first season of Jane The Virgin in two days. I absolutely love the show and Gina Rodriguez was brilliant. The Golden Globes is totally well deserved. I especially love the infusion of Spanish. I love that the cast are not known people. A breath of fresh air and more although I think the story line is awfully similar to The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. More like a matured version. Now, I just have to finish up the new seasons of The Flash and Suits.

8. A couple of days ago, I discovered Sonia by accident. Actually, her tweet was retweeted to my timeline and I was captivated. Apparently, she’s a 29-year-old who has been to 30 countries which marked her goal of 30 countries by 30 goal. What am I doing with my life again? You can imagine if she was a photographer or even a writer, the wealth of knowledge and exposure she would have amassed would have been incredible. Fortunately but unfortunately, she started a blog albeit late to document her travel diaries. Best believe, I’m done with it and I’m living vicariously through her until I’m done with this degree. I hate that people have the notion of globetrotting as a luxury or an expensive venture. It can be if you want it to especially if you’re rooting for five star hotels. From all of the books and resources, I’ve read so far, it is not far-fetched. Try saving up on weaves and aso ebi first. Best thing? Many countries especially in Europe are ridiculously cheap. Start from there.

9. For a while now, I’ve entertained the idea of starting my organic skincare line. Enter Formula Botanica Training. While handling the AN Twitter account, I saw their handle and decided to check them out. Let’s just say that I need to start saving up.

10. Someone reached out to me to contribute to a relationship blog. I turned it down. I haven’t been in that many relationships. Actually, I’ve only been in a handful of relationships and I don’t exactly qualify to speak on them.

P.S: I’m thinking of starting yoga especially since I still struggle to exercise. But first, I need to get a yoga mat.


Life Lately.

1. The quarterly #NITCLagos took place this past weekend and I got to man the registration point for the second time. It was such an honour to part of it and everything it represents. I also got to buy a few things even though I was a tad disappointed a lot of the regular vendors didn’t make it.

Since I’m currently camera- less, I believe my photos are scattered on various blogs and Instagrams. I plan to obtain most, if not all of them. In the meantime, Berry’s husband aka Cakes took this impromptu photo of me.


Those pants are everything! It’s so difficult to draw cat eyes when my eyes are literally Asian.

2. I really need to stop stuttering. I can’t believe the jumbo of words that comes out of my mouth sometimes.

3. Exams start in a week and I’m super stressed. I haven’t even started intense studying which is what I need to nail those grades. When I’m done, I need to start writing my project but first, I need to figure out how to juggle all my jobs with all of that.

4. I haven’t been able to read any book since I hit the 50 mark and it bothers me to a large extent. All of a sudden, I got so busy for books which hardly ever happens. Some guy recommended audio books on Medium and I started with Sense and Sensibility. Although, I love the idea of audio books, I can’t seem to concentrate for a long time before my mind wanders. Hence, I have to read each chapter repeatedly. Best believe, I’m still on chapter two.

5. Speaking of Medium, it’s safe to say that I’m slightly obsessed with it. I love that I can consume original content and churn out thoughtful responses. As much as it’s similar to blogging, it is not the place for outfit or makeup posts and that’s the best part of it, to be honest. It’s basically a space for creatives in general.

6. Osahon got married over the weekend and I’m super happy for him. I met him on two occasions now at the Nikon event and he comes across as a laid back and likeable gentleman. A whole hearty congrats to him.

7. My hair will be two years in December and I love the pace at which it’s growing even though the front of my hair seems to be stagnant. In the meantime, I love that I could fix a quick bun.


Apparently, I’m a 4a chick. I can’t believe I’ve been claiming 4c all this time.


8. TEDx Gbagada was awesome. I particularly loved the ambience of the venue. I loved the intimacy and depth of the entire event apart from the mandatory photos at the entrance. Best thing? It took place at the back of my house so it was super convenient. For someone with zero networking skills, I got to chat with an old Twitter follower as well as a new one. Ikesimit was one of my first set of followers when I joined about five years ago. So, yeah it was a big deal plus he’s also a silent blog reader. (Hi Ike!) I might or might not have developed a thing for tech guys. I thought Mark Essien was incredibly brilliant – they always are – and adorable. He looked like he was painfully shy and needed a bear hug even though, I’m yet to place his accent. To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Timi Dakolo but that day, he blew me away. I could literally feel the hair on my body stand. He wasn’t expected to sing so when he started, I thought it was an intro or something. I didn’t get to fully enjoy the performance until the end. Powerful vocals nonetheless. Bayo Omoboriowo was awesome as usual. I had met him previously last year so I wasn’t as starstruck as everyone else.

9. Mission Impossible: The Rogue Nation was an enjoyable movie even though I didn’t follow the entire franchise. I saw bits and pieces here and there. I also saw Home with Dunni this past weekend. I loved loved Rihanna. The character, voice – over, everything. I could literally feel her through the animation. And that curly hair? #Hairgoals. Transporter Refuled was lovely too. I didn’t expect too much as Jason Stratham isn’t part of the franchise anymore. I loved Frank’s wit and accent. Yeah, I clearly have a thing for accents. I plan to see The Intern this week and maybe The Perfect Guy the following week.

10. I recently started reading my devotionals on Youversion again. I’m always falling out of this habit and I hope I can sustain it this time by God’s grace. I really love that my eyes are opened to a lot of things especially as it concerns the current happenings and the truth is glaring. I need that kind of reassurance and direction in my life now.